Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Next She'll Get a Tramp Stamp

Dear Mommies Who Stuck Their Noses in The Air As I Walked Thebananna and Complicatedchild to School This Morning Looking Like This....

It's Crazy Hair Day--ok? Thus declareth Thebananna as "Principal For a Day" which she is today. She earned that title the old fashioned way--through her parent's cold, hard CASH at the last school auction. We figured it was good practice for a future Presidency. Nothing says "Work Ethic" like a little Nepotism.

Really, our goal for Thebananna is to just keep her off the pole. And make sure the piercings are in discreet places.


Kip said...

Let's stick to the Crazy Hair day look. Tramp Stamps and even discrete piercings do not wash off.

Miss Thystle said...

I am completely impressed with your mothering skills. You matched her hair to her dress! Next, you can match her tattoo to her lips piercing and NO ONE will ever ask you to supervise their children ever again! AWESOME!!

(um, so I just reread that and realized you can't tell that I'm being a smart ass...because truly most people need to just RELAX about things like kids with pink hair. Or the fact I let MY kid wear princess costumes everywhere for about a year and a half. Sometimes with a football helmet and motorcycle boots. Because you can only do that for so long with out looking like you're CRAZY, so you might as well get on with it)

What a cutie.

Spatula said...