Friday, September 07, 2012

Win This Election...set of mugs! VOTE here --->

It's that time again! People all across the USA are expressing their viewpoints in coffee shops and bars, sharing their opinions with neighbors, friends and empty chairs, and spamming co-workers with witty and divisive fodder from the internet...

And when they're not debating if they are Team Edward or Team Jacob, they may actually be discussing the election.

We think we can predict the 2012 Presidential winner based on your input. Click on our poll to the left - I mean the right - whatever direction you like, the poll is up there in the corner ----> let us know what side you're on! We personally like the wild side.

Then enter to win this cool set of coffee mugs--one of which you can happily throw into the fireplace as your favorite candidate is announced, or give to a frenemy while making an L with two fingers on your forehead. You can win both our Proud to be a Bleeding Heart Liberal and Proud to Be A Right Wing Nut Job! All you need to do to enter is to complete the following sentence and post it in the comments below:

I am proud to be ___________________ because _____________________.

Your statement does not need to reflect any political, religious, or social issue stance. For example, I am proud to be a pear shaped woman because just like weebles, we wobble but we don't fall over very easily.

One entry per person please. Gather in anticipation around your computer monitor on November 6th, when the winner will be announced. Winner will be chosen at random using a high tech number generator. There will not be a re-count. Probably not. But the more entries we receive, the more sets we will give away--so tell a friend, spam a co-worker, and for gosh sakes call your mother, she worries.

I'm Lorrie Veasey, and I approve this message.