Friday, February 08, 2013

Ain't Love a Funny Thing?

We think so. That's why Valentine's Day is an ideal time for Our Name is Mud's classic zany-ness. (Then again, we find Arbor Day to be side-splitting as well, so...consider the source.) We're talking to both the ladies and gents out there, who equally share the burden of delivering some form of awesomeness to their partner on February 14th. That means your six day countdown begins...

...wait for it...


Yes, Cupid's big day arrives in less than a week, and some of you—we won't name names—still aren't quite ready. You have love notes to write, flowers to pick up, and ginormous bows to affix to new cars waiting in the driveway (if those commercials prove realistic). Well we're here to help.

Avoid the last-second insanity and snag a quality piece of giftware or two from your favorite potter in just a few clicks—and save some scratch, too. We're taking 25% off—not just the Valentine's goodies, but the entire store. Just use this coupon code—VAL2013B—when you check out. Now let's review some options that will keep you out of the doghouse (and maybe even earn you breakfast in bed on February 15!)
Be Sweet...

Okay, we know. If there's one holiday you have to get serious for, it's the big 'V'. We like to think we know how to get our sappy on when we need to. Want to see your spouse melt right before your eyes? But like, in a good way? Try a desk plaque like this, that doesn't hold back its emotions.

Be Funny...

We have a special place in our heart for good clean wit, and when you combine that with romance, some kind of spine-tingling chemistry ensues. If you and your beloved share that sentiment, we have some menu offerings that come with a side the giggles.
Be...You Know...Single!

Of course, not everyone's foolish enough to lend out their heart to whomever comes along. For that friend or relative who prefers to fly solo, we've got them covered too.

We love helping our devoted customers, and we love love. Whatever you do, just don't be a defeated by a chubby baby with a thing for archery.

Okay lovebirds. Have at it! Take a look at the whole lovin' collection, right here.