Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I love you and naps

Pet Peeve: bloggers that don't blog that write blogs about not blogging. So rather than apologizing yet again for leaving you fine people without my regular ramblings for lo these many months I will do exactly what I do every time I get on the scale... go cry into a Twinkie which is to promise to try to do better going forward.

Lots of Big Exciting Changes since last I wrote. At least three whole posts worth. Or six if I write realllllllly small.

First let me announce that Our Name is Mud has been given a make - over. I didn't think it was looking outdated in any way, but then again I am still wearing jeans that button up above my belly button so what do I know. Like everyone else in the cut throat, glamorous life of retail and wholesale, it's important for me to stay fresh- ahead of the trends, and in front of the pack. I'm sure you have watched enough Lifetime movies to know that a designer of a *ahem* certain age can find herself replaced by a young hip ingenue as quick as you can say Blake Lively--or, as I like to say while I adjust my shoulder pads: "Who The Heck is Blake Lively?"

We started at the roots. After all- that technique made a HUGE DIFFERENCE when I finally went back into the beauty parlor after being AWOL for eight ten many months. The roots of Our Name is Mud have their origins in my writing. And by writing I don't mean my clever witty turn of phrase. I mean: That MiX oF UPPeR CaSe aND LoWeR CaSe LeTTeRS THaT DeFiNeD MaNY oF My iTeMS.

Here's an old Our Name is Mud piece

When Our Name is Mud was first launched, the fact that I could paint lettering made me stand out from the crowd. I was known as "That Girl Who Could Paint Lettering." This was back in the day where we had a different kind of television--one that we called BOOKS. But I digress. The only constant is change. And so, ladies and gentlemen- if you are ready for the big reveal here it is-- the new Our Name is Mud

I'm happy about the change. Really happy. The same way I felt happy when watching a Jerry Springer episode that featured a really large girl who insisted on wearing a spandex mini and a tube top and the experts put her into a nice crisp suit and gave her a haircut and everyone in the audience just goes "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." I think this new font is more "ME" even though it is less me. It is the Me I strive to Be. Here it is again if you missed it he first time.

Old Our Name is Mud

New Our Name is Mud

It's still All About The Words--just now the words look a bit different. I bet you all are wondering about MY makeover. Well.....