Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Happy Tuesday Chickens! If you are like me, this past weekend was spent getting drunk enjoying a libation or two- and chances are you may have a few empty bottles rolling around in the old recycle can. Well now, you can do amazing things with those empties!! Take a gander:

Wine bottle wind chimes $25.00 by C2 Design. Nothing I like better than the tinkle tinkle of wind through some windchimes..well except for the sound of another bottle being opened.

Wine Bottle Neck Necklace $15.00 also from C2 Design. This is pretty. I wonder if it is available scented.

Hummingbird Feeder (for some VERY HAPPY BIRDS) $29.95 at Sterling Wine. You provide the empty bottle. I personally could create a veritable hummingbird sanctuary. If I had a backyard. I wonder if this would work for pigeons?

Wine bottle lantern $45.95 also from Sterling Wine. A beautiful light to hold high in the air as you stumble through the dark alleys on your way home.

If you want to stay home and get your drink on, Pottery Barn has these great wine bottle chandeliers. I think the workers in China were very happy to gather the materials needed for this one.

There are many other great uses for your empties. Look: My Plants are having a Party!

And rolling pins will soon be used only to punish unfaithful husbands with--because who needs 'em when you have an empty bottle of Pinot Grigio nearby?

The possibilities are endless! So reduce, reuse, recycle people. And remember: a bottle of wine is a terrible thing to waste!


Jen said...

Best. Post. EVER.

OHN said...

Looks like I wasted my money on aqua-globes.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Okay...someone needs to cut that guy off. That's just wasting alcohol while being stupid.

rpc said...

Amazing to think that I have so much potential in my basement.

WV: achingn - sneezing whilst drinking gin.

Zakary said...

We have a spoon rest made from a wine bottle, it's medium genius.