Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This blog is for YOU

I won't be blogging for a week, so I've loaded on a bunch of pictures of our new Fall products in an effort to tide you over. But you may also write your own version of this blog in the comments section. I know when I return that Spamela will have written her usual comment about making money at home, but I am hoping that some of the rest of you will share your wit and wisdom with the rest of the world. Have a great week!

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Beronica said...

Hi Lorrie,
I am moving BACK to NYC in the middle of July. Can I come and work for you? Sure, I have a resume but it fails to tell you I am/have: a middle-aged housewife; 3 daughters who are gorgeous and sadly all almost grown; a very loving husband of 22 years; 3 cats one of which is growing dreadlocks and we have secretly renamed Bob Marley; growing out my natural haircolor which is 33% white; a Hell's Kitchen native; a coffee/beer type; a computer addict; a genealogist; a self-proclaimed chef; freckle faced former redhead; and last but not least a Soprano freak. Besides that I do have a college education and 25 years of working with the public. If you are looking to hire, I would send my resume in a minute. My email address is:
Best of luck to you and yours,
Veronica Keegan