Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And how was YOUR day?

I started my day with a dentist appointment.

The dentist recommends that I have two root canals done as soon as possible and lay off the Sensidine I have been mainlining for weeks. Her advice in terms of surviving the procedure was not to discuss it with anyone. Seriously. She completely recommended a cone of silence be lowered on all discussions of....shhhhhhhhh........ROOT CANAL.

We shall speak no more of it. Apparently you will share something with me that will make the procedure that much more difficult--something along the lines of abject fear and pain.

She also said I needed to rinse my gums in warm salt water for the next couple of days--hence the big plate of crinkle cut fries and hot tea that I have before me.

Later I went to Jesse's Parent Teacher Conference where I was crushed to find my son was performing solidly and consistently at his expected age and grade level. Because we all hold out hope that standard and mundane measures of intelligence will still capture what we know is our child's complete and utter brilliance. Come on: this child adds boogers to his figure drawings--is that not advanced attention to detail? And he has worked out how to spell seven different profanities and enjoys rhyming the word "fart" -- where is the credit?

Then I ran home to sew patches on Jesse's karate Gee (which is the karate outfit and is pronounced with a hard G) which recently accidentally got dyed pink in a washload that had some red items thrown in. Not that having a pink Gee in Chelsea is such a bad thing--you just have to make sure that certain belts don't clash later on. (Thanks Mark) Thinking that sewing the patches on the Gee would be a process that would take 15-20 minutes, imagine my surprise when I found that the hotel sewing kit I had chosen to use was without a prethreaded needle. Which leads me to the next blog post...

UPDATE: Kip sent a single text message from today's karate class. It appears that I have sewn the patches on UPSIDE DOWN.

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