Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finishing Up Fall Preview

This little item has caused a bit of controversy. And I'm not just talking about the lack of the dip bowl--although that is AN ISSUE. Apparently, some women do not see the humor in the sentiment above. These are women who actually do go through tough times every year thanks to "THE SEASON" and find nothing to laugh about in a serving piece that contains the F word.

Not me: my husband likes The Eagles, so it is always a pretty short season; given the fact that they never win a championship or anything.

But I do have empathy for my sisters who married men who yell at their televisons while sitting on their butts in overstuffed recliners, eating nachos and drinking beer. ( And by sisters, I mean my figurative sisters, not my sister-in-laws, and especially not the one in New Jersey married to the t.v. ADDICT who would have the thing on in the bathroom if he could figure out how to run the cable there--nope-- just my sistahs.)

So *hugggggs* to all the football widows out there. And just remember, it could be WORSE. They could totally be into golf.

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