Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fish and chips and vingegar vinegar vinegar

ANNIE: Wow-this sure is a big fish. Do you think Mommy will cook it for dinner?
JESSE: Are you kidding? Mommy thinks fish comes out of the freezer in breaded sticks made by a guy in a yellow raincoat.
ANNIE: I'm gonna poke it.
JESSE: Better not.
ANNIE: I am so gonna poke it.
ANNIE: Did not!
JESSE: Did to!
ANNIE: Did Not Did Not Did Not. It felt kind of slimy.
JESSE: I can't hear you-I am busy admiring my hands. Plus, have you noticed I have taken to wearing TWO tshirts at a time? It's my very own fashion statement.

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Kip said...

i could not get them away from this fish. it got to be particularly gruesome when they were poking its eyes.