Sunday, August 19, 2007

This Weekend

Three paragraphs sum up this past weekend...............

She lost her sense of humor in the time it took her six year old to fall from the lifeguard chair to the hard surface below-his arm bent at an unnatural angle. She donned a hat of regret and sadness that shaded her from the sun, and realized as the ambulance sirens sounded, that summer had come to a premature end.

The stress of the arrival of all 21 of the summer house's arrivals was exacerbated by her Sister in Law's decision to hand out fireworks to all eleven of the children present.


The deal she made with God regarding how much Pinot Grigio she would imbibe each week was a flexible agreement in her opinion. She figured He was used to Mothers negotiating in the backs of ambulances, and that he would forgive her transgressions.


Peedles said...

Lorrie: Jesse Bear will be fine and show off any physical scars as a badge of honour -- someday to a cute girl with freckles and a pretty smile.

And, yes, He means to have a glass of Pinot with you...He knew you were just being a scared mom.

Hugs to all of you.

Rose said...