Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Some Stuff I'm Thinking About

It seems that Jesse can only get ear infections while we are out of town, and only after 11 pm at night. It happened again this weekend while we were away in Hartford, and we had to ask the concierge where the nearest Emergency Room was BECAUSE I COULD JUST DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE FROM THE PAIN MOMMY. Earlier in the evening he had told me he felt dizzy and I told him he was Just Hungry. Put another check next to my name on the Mommy of the Year ballot; I treat an ear infection with a piece of chicken and if you get strep throat I might give you CAKE.

Annie is taking the Big Test on Friday that will determine if she is eligible for the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten class. I am annoyed because her class is having a Pot Luck supper on Thursday, and now I will have to spend all night making sure she lays off the sauce. I'm thinking there is no way she will score in the 95th percentile if she's hungover. Hopefully she will do well-as we have been having her tutored so that she understands some of the foreign concepts on the standardized test. Concepts like a "A Dad in a Business Suit", or a "Backyard".

Things at work have been crazy busy in a "Lay Awake and Stare at the Bedroom Ceiling Wishing your Mind Would Just Shut Up for Awhile" kind of a way. Atlanta was very fun--the eight hours it took me to get home including an unscheduled stop in Norfolk Virginia--not so much. As usual, the people from Enesco were wonderful. I met the artist who makes my favorite line- Pumpkinseeds by Janelle Berryman. If I ever have a house and it comes with a basement or an attic, I'm getting me lots of her stuff. That's another concept for Annie: "Seasonal Decorating."


Tash said...

I agree ...if Annie lays off the sauce she'll rock her big test ...I'll be keepin' good thoughts...I hope Jesse's ear infection goes away.....and you are a GREAT made me feel better...I thought I had that award covered with my 'wanna be a rock star' daughter who likes to party from about 3-5am....the whole thing...this life/work/Mommy business is CRAZY! Thank heavens for booze..ahahahahahahahaha..and laughter

Christine said...


I can completely relate to the "Lay Awake and Stare at the Bedroom Ceiling Wishing your Mind Would Just Shut Up for Awhile"! I have even tried listening to my iPod and my brain still won't shut up! :) Perhaps this can be an inspiration for a new mug! I know I would buy one, or two, or three! LOL!

Glad you are home safe, and that you had a good trip!