Monday, February 04, 2008

Jesse's Arm

I've gotten a lot of Email asking how Jesse's arm is doing since THE THIRD SURGERY. The answer is; much better, thanks. He can do many things, including type on a keyboard. Unfortunately, he still cannot turn his arm over-which rules out dancing the Macarena and playing golf. He is going to make some lucky lady a FINE HUSBAND one day.

We went for another doctor's appointment and found that he had some free floating calcium deposits in the elbow despite every bargain I tried to make with the Man Upstairs. The Good News is that these do not appear to be bone spurs, so until we get word that they have attached themselves to the radius, no more surgery for now.

The doctor did say Jesse would have to "Go back into the brace." Which was news to us, as HE HAD NEVER HAD A BRACE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Might have been a little medical "oops" there, but we did not pursue it--being all wrapped up in gratitude in the words "Not Yet" which were given in response to "Does He Need Another Surgery?"

So Brace Guy came in and fit Jesse for a custom made cast like thing which will slowly rotate the arm and also attract a lot of attention from the chicks at the same time. Life is Good.

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Tash said...

Tell Jesse chicks always dig the guy in the brace...he's the one who has that "livin' life on the edge, rebel with a cause to be cool" thing going on ....tell him to tell everyone it was a cliff dive gone wrong.. and he had to drive himself to the hospital on his kid-sized Harley.....they'll swoon!
On a serious note, I'm so happy he does not have to have another surgery. I'm keepin' good thoughts for the little man