Sunday, February 24, 2008

Resting In Peace

Actual conversation at our house this morning.

Two children tussle over a wii console.

JESSE: MOM! Annie just ruined my game!
ANNIE: I did not!
JESSE: She clicked on HOME in the middle of my game Mom! I AM NEVER PLAYING WITH YOU AGAIN ANNIE.
ANNIE: I'm sorry. (pause) Do you still love me Jesse?
(Long uncomfortable pause in which I realize I should probably step in)

ME: OF COURSE your brother still loves you Annie-he will ALWAYS love you--that's what sisters and brothers do. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER, no matter what. They are your family. In fact--one day when we get very old-Mommy and Daddy will die, but it will be ok because you will still have each other.

ANNIE: And we'll be able to do WHATEVER we want! (Jumps excitedly on couch)
JESSE: Can I have your room then, Mom?

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Tash said...

This is genius....I love this....I picture times I fought with my brother which make me laugh SO hard now. Annie's line - "I'm sorry. Do you still love me?" is the one I say with tears of laughter streaming down my face when I have decided to launch into a huge conversation with my husband when he is trying to watch Sports Center....I never realized I did it but apparently I could be quiet ALL day but the moment he turns it on I start talking to him.
Love this post!