Saturday, February 16, 2008

We've Got Mail

It's time to roll out the old mailbag at OUR NAME IS MUD.

This month's theme seems to be SHAMELESS BEGGING. Witness the following REAL Email from JL:

i'm desperately seeking your "Feline Groovy" cat platter (the one with all the lavendar paisleys on it)'s the story...YES i know it's been discontinued however i would call just about anywhere and do just about anything to REPLACE 12 year old daugther bought that for me 2 years ago for my's one of my FAVORITE things on this earth!....NOT ONLY because she picked it out and bought it for me but ALSO because it's just one of the DAMN COOLEST and FUNNIEST things i own (right up there with my "Poodle with a Mohawk" poster).... the other day a friend ran into the wall on which it hung right in the center of my diningroom and broke mine....i have spent AT LEAST 18 hours the last 3 days trying to find it ANYWHERE ....from ebay to phoning all the stores i could find that carry the original "our name is mud" pieces.... i'm not rich, i'm on social security disability after a wonderful life as a college professor...and my daughter and i decorate our house with things that make us laugh and smile every time we see them to keep our spirits up... i am DESPERATE to replace this WONDERFUL and SO HIGHLY ADORED platter!!!! do you have ANY suggestions or ANY help for me???..
my daughter is chipping in her ENTIRE piggy bank to help me replace this funny wonderful piece in our home...
can you help?
thank you SO much for your time and consideration!
i am SO hoping to hear from you!!!
(Name withheld because despite what most people say i am a nice person)

I get an Email like this Every Week. Last week, someone's son accidentally broke a dog bowl and DID NOT SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS because they could not find a replacement. Everyone who writes me USES CAPITAL LETTERS SO I KNOW HOW VERY VERY URGENT IT IS.

What most people don't realize is that when they write me Emails like this: I OBSESS ABOUT THEM! THE GUILT!! THE ANGST!! THE SORROW!! Good Lord, God gave me some minimal talent and I am going to use it to make you folks happy. Except now I have a Boss. And Deadines. But forget about that...someone is DESPERATE FOR POTTERY! I MUST HEED THE CALL.

On the one hand: I am so Blessed, because even though they don't Comment On My Blog--MUD does have some true die hard fans who, for example, hang their pottery on the wall instead of using it. On the other hand, I do sometimes wish people saw the Ephemeral Nature of My Work. Don't they realize that breaking pots is part of the whole Cosmic Deal: Otherwise, WHAT WILL THOSE ARCHEOLOGISTS DIG UP? Those guys love SHARDS.

If you are wondering what I do when i get an email like this--here's the truth--I usually make the item for the person, especially when children are involved. Unless they don't say PLEASE. Pottery Breakers who don't use the Magic Word get a Whole Lot of Nothin. This is not the "Returns Dept." of Lands End, ya know.


Kip said...

Wow, way to open yourself up! Please people, she is very very busy, and under a tremendous amount of pressure. Only make requests like this when you life depends upon it.

Christine said...

Greetings & Salutations Lorrie!

This post cracked me up! I love your wit just as much as I love your talent!! :)

I have yet to actually break a MUD product, but let me tell you, I have chipped, and cracked, the living hell out of them and still use them! I love them all! My Genius mug is in the worst shape, but in my opinion it adds character, AND, it not only indicates that I am a "genius" (ahem, yeah.. right), it gives the impression that I am a hard working one! I am also a "Smarty Pants" too! :) Lastly, my Genius cereal bowl is still holding up under the pressure of my huge serving of Special K with strawberries of course (yes, "huge" actually defeats the purpose of slimming the waistline but hey, its yummy!).

So, the purpose of my rant is to let you know that as your biggest fan, and dedicated patron, I am an individual that treasures my MUD valuables, however, until they actually break and need to be replaced, I use them (while of course continuing to buy more to use and show off!!). Although absolutely beautiful to look at, my temptation to use them prevails!

Keep up the excellent work, you mastermind you!!

Oh yeah, and it is STILL all about "Meh".. LOL!

Have a wonderful day!

Christine said...

BTW.. Awesome picture Lorrie! What a smile! :) So glad you filled in your profile! It is nice to match talent to a face! :)


Tash said...

Dude your pic on here looks I read and look over and shake my head "Yeah" like we are chattin'! AND I knoq how hard you work - you amaze me by working your butt off and makin' time for the are a rock star but making pieces that break for people might propel you to like Hall of Fame Rock Star status....Kip is right. You're awesome for opening up but you do SO much...make sure you take care of you!

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of why I love to read your blogs. Today Im home sick with the flu and feeling down. This blog entry made me laugh and actually made my day. I think its amazing but not suprising, that people reach out to you and beg you to recreate an item that has such sentimental value to them. And with such a busy life, and lord knows you are busy Lorrie, you find time to make it for them. But that is why Our Name is Mud is so special and resonates with everyone. Its the humanity amd love you put in every product you create. So thanks, I really need this blog today :)
It helped me to remember the love and humanity that is abundant in this world.

Jennifer S