Thursday, March 13, 2008

AND We'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Offffffffffff

We head for the Sunshine State today. Kip wants me to mention that we're leaving the usual methods of protection in place at Chez Veasey: two headed dogs, nests of cobras, huge boulders that chase you down hallways-you get the picture.

That well researched Itinerary I swore I would create is now a few scrawled notes on the back of an envelope. Expectations for careful and concise packing went up in smoke as I ran through the apartment at 1 a.m. this morning on a QUEST FOR FLIP FLOPS. And don't even ask about the carry ons--I'm throwing a pack of cheetos and a PEOPLE magazine in the kid's backpack and we're hitting the road.

Neither child of mine is completely well and things have piled up at work BUT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER WE WILL HAVE FUN. Pray for Us.

In my absence, I am going to have GUEST BLOGGERS! Hopefully all 3 of my readers will make a posting! If you would like to be included as a guest blogger-simply send the blog to me at If you'd like to include a picture, please send it in a separate email.

I asked Christine-President of the Our Name Is Blog fanclub-- to do this-and in the 2 years I have been writing this blog this is the first time I have ever gotten such a response to a request to guest post:

OMG!! YES! YES! YES!!! I would LOVE to! I am completely at your beck and call! My schedule is wide open! J

This is just such an honor! This is WAY better than meeting the Queen of England!! WOW!! I am at a total loss for words!

Christine J

I have never met Christine but something makes me sure I would like her. WATCH AND LEARN PEOPLE.

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Christine said...

President? Moi?

Whoa! Just when I thought life couldn't get any better! I'm overwhelmed with happiness! Whoooo...hooooo!! I will be a good president, I promise! :)

I look forward to reading everyone's guest blog! This is just SO much fun! I love it!

Please be sure to update us on the trip!