Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've Got Friends in Low Places

Behold David Kramer.

You may know him as a WORLD FAMOUS ARTIST. We like to think of him as THE GUY WHO GOT LUCKY ENOUGH TO MARRY SUSAN MITCHELL (Who by the in the Whitney Bi-Annual tomorrow night! Imagine that! Little Susie Mitchell at the WHITNEY! Ummm...what was I writing about again? O yeah...David.)

Behold David Kramer yet again. We also know him as THE GUY WE GET DRUNK WITH QUITE A LOT.

You can get to know him too!! David will be featured on tonight's episode of THE APPRENTICE (That's Celebrity Apprentice!) tonight at 9:00 EST. A team of celebrities will attempt to sell a gallery full of his fabulous artwork. This should have been as easy as selling crack to some of David's former friends--but alas, his team included that dreadful Omarosa--so if this turns out to be THE WORST SLAUGHTER IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE APPRENTICE I am just saying it is no fault of the artist--whose work is really great. So when the show is over, if you have a few grand laying around, I think you should buy a painting, or two. Daddy needs a new six pack.


ResumeWriter said...

I absolutely loved David's artwork after seeing it on the show last night. There was one in particular...the one that Ohmygodorossa failed to sell (lots of gorgeous light greens - couldn't see much more than that).
Can you give a link to David's website? I found a site that I thought was his, but the painter in the bio was definitely NOT the guy on your blog.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Here are some good links to David's work:

Tash said...

David - you rock, dude!