Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Ahead

Dear Powers That Be,

I am writing to officially protest against DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. If this letter is not 100% coherent it is because I AM TIRED. I knew when I woke up at 6 am this morning that it was REALLY 5 AM. And it was dark. I mean pitch black. So my question to you is: where is the daylight I am supposed to be saving? Because personally: I SLEEP AT NIGHT SO I DON'T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT AN EXTRA HOUR IN THE EVENING. And have you ever tried to put children to sleep while it is light outside?

Sure, sure, I LOVE it when it's October and I am putting the kids to bed at 8 (knowing it is really 9) and sleeping until what I know is seven o'clock even if the clock reads six. So I propose we go THAT way-twice a year. Works for me. Daylight is way over-rated anyway. That's why tanning salons were invented.

Tired Mom.

Dear Tired Mom-

We would respond to your Email, but we are currently really busy with the Governor of your fine state. He didn't have a great day today, either. We have forwarded your complaint to a Higher Power.

Kindest Regards,
Powers That Be

Dear Higher Power,

Ok-now I am seriously pissed. We were late for school, I had a crappy day at work, and neither of my children wanted dinner at 6 pm BECAUSE THEIR BODIES KNEW IT WAS ONLY FIVE. Everything is totally discombobulated and I don't do well with change. Let me make myself totally clear: THIS SUCKS. Nothing could be worse than this day!

Please respond asap.
Really Freeking Tired Mom

Dear RFTMom,

I have been busy with the whole Governor of New York thing, but did want to stop for a moment and respond to your Email. The stomach flu we sent your child's way is of the 24 hour variety, the repetitive vomiting usually ceases after the seventh hour. Of course, given the time change--it will feel like eight.

All the Best,

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jennifer said...

Dear Lorrie –

OK I see your point to some extent....and yes, still very funny post, I luff them. I was wondering why my 4 year old could not fall asleep till Nine last night and is still up now. Because it really an hour earlier to his body. I forgot.. Duh on me

But I have to say, I love that it is darker longer in the morning because he sleeps later…and I love love that.( Normally the damn bright sun shines in at 6 15 am and wakes him right up. And since I pick him up at 5:30 pm from preK I love that it is still light outside, I feel more relaxed and happy. I even took him to the park.

So I would have to say, Spring forward??? … I kinda likie…sorry Lorrie