Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Off Again!

What's with the "test" blog below you ask? (Well, actually--YOU didn't ask, Tash did. YOU never ask me anything. More about that later.)

The Veaseys are heading out of town today to sunny Charleston for a week. We're leaving Yillman and the seven rotweillers in charge as usual. (Hopefully I will not forget to post my address and the location of my silver.) In an effort to find coverage for this blog in my absence, I was testing my capability to snatch images and content from other blogs and post them here. And just like there was a learning curve in the mastery of copying Susan Miller's History exam answers upside down and backward while in High School, it's going to take a while before I can easily cheat the Blogger Man.

Why Worry you ask? (Well, actually--YOU didn't ask. Again. You personify the sound of silence.) A check of this blogs stats shows that I have almost 1600 readers to date! 1600 readers... and only 3 people comment.

Which means you guys like to use me for your pleasure and then not speak to me afterwards.....HEY THIS IS JUST LIKE COLLEGE! (sorry, Dad.)

So I am bringing a laptop with us.


Tash said...

Here's my question (and thanks for givin' me a big old shout out that made me blush till I reminded myself that I am alone here in my PJ's) if all 1600 people commented at once...would you respond to each one? How long do you think it would take you?


Have a blast in Charleston! (Next time can you just bring us along in your luggage??)

I'm off like a dirty shirt

Nancy E said...

Hi - I love your stuff and just posted a picture of my one and only piece - my fave bowl of ever! http://nanskimtn.blogspot.com/2008/04/you-are-divine.html - thanks for your inspiration!