Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Real Mail

The following message was sent from by Al:

I recently received a gift from your company.  It is a desk plaque that reads "Impossible you say?  Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus."
I love it.  Do you know where that quote came from?  Who said it?  I'm more curious than anything else.  I am a circus director for Illinois State University. You see I actually do work for a circus and this motto applies to me very appropriately.  Any help on this issue would be great. 



Hi Al!
Thanks for your Email. I'm so glad you like our plaque. As to who first said: "Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus." the answer would be: Me. You see, I work for a circus too: except instead of three rings I have two different phone lines and a computer and instead of lions and tigers I have small children and an endless TO-DO LIST. But I think we both know similar clowns.

Kindest Regards,


Tash said...

Al rocks...I love the title "Circus Director". I'm going to make business cards that say that!

I know a couple of clowns as well....amazing how many folks chose to be clowns in this world

Anonymous said...

This is a McSweeney's phrase.