Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Like Marlon Brando in 1973

I truly love my friends who live in the computer. Many of them, like Kristin at, or the fabulous Le at, have been kind enough to bestow all sorts of bloggy goodies upon me. Goodies & awards that I have often refused to accept. And not because I am ungrateful: I so appreciate being tagged or given some bloggy love. But at the end of the acceptance post you usually have to list a small amount of blogs to pass the award on to, and I have never wanted to HURT ANYONE'S FEELINGS, so I have declined the award instead.

This time an award came from Natasha at For almost the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR of my blog, she was often my ONE AND ONLY commentor. (Myfabulousmotherinlaw: Nonnee would often email me little messages like "That was funny!" but she thought you had to BUY a blogger account and so would never post.) Natasha kept me going by reading when nobody else did. She was my muse, my coach, my entire audience. She is a great friend and a great inspiration and she makes me try harder because she believes that I am a better person than I really am.

So I am going to accept this award and instead of listing six things that make me happy, I'm going to list six blogs that I love to read, that I hope will find a bigger audience than they currently have. Friends: if I did not pick your blog this time it's because I think you have more readers than the ones listed below, so please do not feel unloved. I read you- I heart you.

Six Blogs I think you should visit:
Thystle is the kind of gal that you can't help liking even after you realize she has slept with your boyfriend. She is sugar, spice and everything kick ass. One day she will write a poignant piece of poetry, the next she will raunchily describe her bodily functions, but everything she writes is really brilliant. I lerves her.
Zakary is HIGH-larious in a short & sweet kind of way. I always enjoy a visit to her blog- she's cool and funny and she doesn't waste words. She also has one of my favorite bloggy daughters, Zoe--who paints pictures and then titles them "this is not crap." I lerves her too. And also: her blog led me to an incredible blog: KRAIGG (see below)
This is a MAN ladies; A MAN WHO CAN WRITE. And I mean; This Man Can Write. Wether it's scathing diatribes about his ex-wife or sensitive posts about his dying dog...this guy proves that there are INTELLIGENT MEN out there in the blogsphere. Plus, Kraigg leaves the funniest comments if you can get him to read your blog. Trust me on this. I'm sure he'll have something to say on this one...No Pressure Kraigg. Ladies are Waiting...Dance, monkey, dance.
Spatz is a starving (well not really: she still lives with her parents) artist who makes amazing paintings with words along with her brushes. She is funny, smart, cute and SINGLE. I really should hook her up with Kraig.
The husband of one of my Bestest Friends In Real Life. Who once turned to me when he was drunk and told me that it was possible that we had nothing in common beside our mutual love of alcohol and the fact that our kids played well together. Well Ha on You Mr. Kramer: now we have blogging in common, so there. AND
Because BJ and Racie are linked together and are both great Texas gals who are smart, and funny and while they do go on and often forget this little thing called punctuation they sure are smart and funny did I say that already?

I wish I was allowed to post more: somebody get me another award... I kid, I kid. Let me know what you think of these blog suggestions below. O- and look what's on my mantlepiece now, would ya:


Debra said...

Good for you, Lorrie! I am glad that you are getting the recognition and praise that you deserve. Congrats to the bloggers that you chose! I will have to pop over to check them out.


Bj in Dallas said...

I'm speechless.

must be R that screws up the punctuation I"M JUST SAyIN!!!

you rock. I am so getting a ticket to NYC before Thystle gets there and ya'll end up in prison together.

gracias, chica...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm speechless...that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever written about me...did you have wine? I'm totally kidding...thank you Lorrie from the bottom of my heart. You have been a major source of inspiration in my life for the longest time. Your wit, talent, warmth, hilarious nature is infectious. I'm glad that so many others that love to comment were infected by Lorrie bug.
Keep writing and sharing - this is only the books...maybe the big screen?
Love ya like a kid loves cake Lorrie and always will!
It's late but I'm going to check out these blogs tomorrow...I'm excited to explore

ZDub said...

Yay! You are the coolest!

And I love that you love Kreg. We go WAY back. He saw me barf in a mop bucket when I was 19 and he also took me to my first strip club. Now if we can just get him to post more than 6 times a month, we are in business.

And I would totally visit you in prison.

Spatula said...

Congratulations, Lorrie! You totally deserve the bejesus out of it. Thank you so much for the nice things you wrote. I would totally visit you in prison too!

Jen said...

How cool to win that award? And thank you for all the extra blog reading material. I may never leave the computer at all today...

Logical Libby said...

Do you need more than a love of alcohol to be friends with someone?

Lorrie Veasey said...

Libby: I think it also helps if they have a swimming pool.

Miss Thystle said...

For the record, your boyfriend came on to ME.

Blue said...

If I weren't wrangling with my life right now and was actually posting on my blog, you'd have picked me. You would have, right? Even though I'm secretly possessed with complete and total social idiocy and dorkitude?

I do have to say that not writing has freed me up to do more blog I'll be paying your undiscovered favs a visit. As an avoidance of the gym tactic.
PS: It IS possible to gain ten pounds in two weeks. In case you were wondering.

PPS: You weren't wondering about that? Just me then? Alrighty.

Racie Lover said...

Mercy me. I , too, am speechleess. (I never thought I would hear BJ say that, btw.)

Thanks so much for the shout-out Lorrie dear and also the heads up on those other blogger sites. I am so in my own little world, spending most of my time following Paco around with my Big Chief Writing Tablet stealing his material for my own personal gain. I will try and not plagurize anyone else's material if I can help it. I think Tolstoy is fair game, though.

Btw, I will pay more attention to "puncutaion?, speling and all things p.C. And I heart your blog, SHOM (I so DID NOT sleep with him Thystle), the Spawn and Al Gore's Internets. Life is good!

your verbose friend,

Kr√ęg said...

Wot? Krayg kan't rite gud. Yew ar rong. Him are dummer n dull.

Kongratulations on your Kreativ Blogger {Award}.

And thanks for the nod. I suppose I'll need to reciprocate this blessing somehow. I'm sure some quiet reflection (read: unchecked drunkenness) will yield an answer.

Le said...

nice work Lorrie dear - it's good to share the lurve :) le

david kramer said...

Lorrie- Thanks for the mention.
I think what I said was that the only reason that we all like hanging out together so much is that our kids don't ever bother us while we are drinking.
Thanks for the mention. You and your blog continues to be the best. David

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I don't play for the same reason!!! I can't stand picking favorites and I like different blogs for different reasons!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrie:
You visited my blog the other day and left me a really nice comment. I wanted to comment back to you that I have been reading your blog for a while now and love it and have also been into your store. What a small world!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrie:
I meant heyMamas, too much wine, not enough sleep. And I am so sorry to have to write another comment, not trying to plug at all. Was just happy that you reached out to me considering I was already a fan of yours!


33 questions said...

I'm pretty sure I didn't get picked because I spell dick with an i instead of an exclamation point. I'll clean it up. I promise.

The Broad.

K.Pete said...

congrats! you deserve it! :)