Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm so glad this election is almost over if for no other reason that we can finally chat about THE IMPORTANT STUFF THAT EFFECTS US ALL.

I am, of course, talking about Joaquin Phoenix saying BYE! GOOD to Hollywood. He made the announcement official this past weekend, but we were all a leeetle busy so you might have missed it.

Maybe it's my abandonment issues, but it pains me to see him leave. Especially without taking a shower and combing that hair first. Mister, you would not be walking out of my house looking like THAT.

I am one of the four people that loved SIGNS.

Now THE VILLAGE, eh..not so much... but he was still great in it: especially when he gets STABBED. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me weak in the knees like a leading man getting hurt in some way. *sigh* Instantly, I am eleven and Johnny Gage is bitten by a rattlesnake on a very special episode of EMERGENCY... Or Keith Partridge throws his back out or Peter Brady's voice cracks......I am hot and sweaty just thinking about it. So many men..so many accidents waiting to happen.


Jennifer said...

Okay, so I am one of the other 4 people in the world that loved Signs. Every time we watch it and it gets to the end where the alien has Mel Gibson's son, I say "Swing away Merrill."

I love Joaquin Phoenix. I really, really do. He is definitely on my ugly but very hot list. I'm gonna miss him talking about frogs on his head on the red carpet. That freaky bastard.

DrewsMommy said...

OMG, I was recently thinking about that EMERGENCY episode, with Gage having to lay on top of the truck and tie off the tourniquet.... Memories!!

Debbie said...

I was shocked - shocked I tell you - by his announcement. I hope we haven't seen the last of him. And leaving us for music. That will never last. Thanks for linking today.

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

I have seen none of the movies mention ... but I feel your pain Lorrie girl .... le


I loved Signs.
And my wife too says, "Swing away Merrill. Swing away."
I can't say anything about Joanuin Phoenix, but damn M.Night for taking my bee scene. That just hurt.

Blue said...

I'm glad I check in here regularly, cause i can always count on you to keep me informed of things I'd otherwise be oblivious to. and you never know when tidbits like this one could come in handy. like if you ever get on an elevator, and suddenly in walks ken jennings, and it's just the two of you riding up in silence when all the sudden it gets stuck between floors for like 18 hours. cause you'd probably end up talking after a while. and that's preCICEly the moment when you'd want to whip out the Joaquin factoid. i'm sure he'd be impressed. and then i'd be, yet again, indebted to Lorrie for the fact that i came across as all kinds of AWESOME. ♥

Spatula said...

"I don't know about you, but nothing makes me weak in the knees like a leading man getting hurt in some way."

OMG me too! Oh thank god I am not the only one who is weird that way. It's also very knee-melting when they get all scruffy and stubbly when fighting Circumstances and Forces that cause them to forsake proper grooming.

Well, well. I'll miss his sexy, but I'm sure a replacement sexy is waiting in the wings.

JenX67 said...

Who's Joaquin Phoenix?

Just kidding.

I really liked him in the Johnny Cash film. After nearly 20 years in PR, I'm so jaded. He just did this to get press about his new adventure. When it doesn't work out, he'll launch a new PR campaign to regain his lost position and market share.

Shereejb said...

Hold on. Wait until I climb out from under this rock. Who? Leaving where for what? Who ever he is, and I'm not kidding, he's messy, needs a hair cut seriously needs to ditch that nasty pubic beard. And the BYE! GOOD so carefully crafted on his knuckles shows him to be a man who makes snap decisions without thinking them through. Having said that, I'll be crawling back under my rock. Let me know if anything interesting happens in hollywood.

Kr√ęg said...

From a boxing standpoint, the BYE! GOOD makes sense. Right-handed boxers lead with their left hand, and finish with the right.

Also, from a brain-fried-on-pills standpoint, the BYE! GOOD makes sense. Right-handed pill-heads take pills with both hands, and often confuse one for another.

Miss Thystle said...

I think he's probably retiring due to that unfortunate case of beard mange he's got going on.

tjames said...

Don't it make you wonder if it's all just one big PR stunt? Remember when Celine Dion said she was going to retire?

kwr221 said...

Is she still around?

Not Fainthearted said...

I realize part of it is just post election endorphins, but this whole thing made me giggle.

I remember each and everyone one of the scenes you mention and remember even as a pre-teen/early adolescent feeling just a little rush of adrenaline/hormones when each of those hunks o' burnin' lurve got an owie.


Racie Lover said...

Forget the whole boxing analogy. He is HELLO dyslexic.

Now that that is settled,
Let's talk about OBAMA!!!

Mambinki said...

Billy Joel did this too a while ago, yes?

Really, I didn't know about this until I looked at your blog. It is very, very strange and somewhat fascinating. Maybe he had some kind of mental breakdown, evidenced by the mangy beard and not having showered for however long.

Cory said...

Joaquin Phoenix - He's sooo damn sexy, i just loved him in Gladiator.