Monday, June 01, 2009


Happy Monday, Chickens! Before Nine AM this morning I purchased snack for the Kindergarten, met about the budget for the Fall Festival, Organized 100 gifts for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and designed a yearbook ad. But of course, that was the easy stuff, and now I am at work. Later this evening I hope to focus on solving World Hunger and drafting a plan for Peace in the Middle East, and also maybe clean my forgive me for not entertaining you with a proper blog post.

Here's today's MUD giveaway! A BBQ platter that reads : My Dad Can Cook Better Than Your Dad. This is, of course, a revsion of the "My Dad Has Better Tattoos than Your Dad and Can Drink your Dad Under the Table and Later Kick Your Dad's Ass" platter that was rejected by corporate for some reason.

Enter a comment below to win. One entry per person. Tell me what YOU are doing this monday. Winner drawn at random by the Crossing Guard who works on 21st street on Wednesday morning.


Zakary said...

I am going to work and I will come home at 9 pm and do LOADS and LOADS of vomit laundry because 3 peeps in my house have the stomach flu.


Bj in Dallas said...

up to my nose in spreadsheets and customer lists for a corporate initiative that s-u-c-k-s....


Amy said...

I am trying to get back into the swing of work after a week at the beach. UGH.

PS - This would be an awesome fathers day gift. I want it. Bad :)

Jen said...

Laundry. Grocery shopping. Having the cat follow me around the house screaming non-stop for no apparent reason. Starving myself to lose weight.

You know. The ususal.

KLS said...

I'm watching the clock, counting down to 4pm, heading home to clean up from an impromtu party from this weekend, and trying to figure out how to camoflauge all the alcohol containers in my recycling bin so our neighbors don't see how much we actually drink! Yikes!

Miss Thystle said...

same thing we do every Monday, Pinky, Trying to take over the world.

kwr221 said...

I'm not as productive as you are, but by 9 AM, I has checked on all my Facebook friends, played a few rounds of Bejeweled Blitz, Twittered and tweeted, got the kids off to school, fed the cats and got to work. Only 4 minutes late. woohoo!

I would LOVE to win this platter. I haven't been lucky in a very long while. (hint, hint)

Still love ya and I will get back to blogging one of these days.

In the meantime, come play on twitter or FB!

PearlsOfSomething said...

Let's see.
This Monday I have uncovered my vegetable garden that's going to turn into nothing but a pile of dirt if these frosts won't stop coming.
I've written a nasty email to a jackass.
I've refrained from murdering my ex (different jackass).
I've changed 4 diapers.
I've vacuumed up an entire box of cereal.
I've threatened to murder my son.
I've taken a picture of a passed out toddler.
I've discussed the definition of a proper noun.
I've discovered why an anemone won't sting a clown fish.
I've corrected math work.
And a science workbook.
I've watched Zack and Cody.
I've blogged 2 days late.
And now I'm having a hot dog.

I really want the tattoo/kick ass platter, but my wussy husband is still "thinking" about a tattoo. So what I'd really like is a "My mom has more tattoos than your mom..." platter, but you could probably leave off the ass kicking part because, while I likely could, I'm way too lazy for that kind of physical activity.

Or, take it easy on yourself and send me the cooking one.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

finished end of month numbers crunching (so secretly spending some time blogging until my boss notices. . .) I like the original platter better. . .could we work something out? : )

RoadBunner said...

Going grocery shopping, doing laundry, have an appointment to get my gait analyzed, post office errands, cook dinner, read a book, fin.

Shanon said...

I am currently at work wishing that I were home so I could make something :) Mondays are such a drag!

Audrey said...

We went camping this weekend so I too am boob deep in laundry!! Glad I'm not 6 ft tall. LOL
Love camping though.
That platter is great!! I like the saying on the one that got rejected - though I do see how they might think that some people would be offended by it.
Have a great day!!

Bellissima said...

This platter is so cute! Love it!
This happy Monday, I'm:
*getting all my weekend orders out
*cutting & shrinkwrapping a big wholesale soap order
*writing today's blog post for Soap #24 of The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days
*making Soap #25
*promoting my Blog Giveaway
*taking product photos for my etsy shop

Say Hello to the Crossing Guard for me!

tjames said...

Work then home to unpack my house and try to be organized for once.

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

This Monday I am going to Chuck. E. Cheese's for my nephew's party! YAY!!!

Tracy said...

Since I can never afford a REAL vacation, I'm taking the first Monday of the summer off to spend with the kids. But this year I got wise and started while the kids are still in school... Cause that's the kind of mean mom I am.

However, so far I've done 2 loads of laundry, watered the garden, and have a closet to clean out, all while dealing with PK (Psycho-Kitty).

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Monday is grocery shopping day. Blah.

Nonnee said...

Such a fun day - I wish I had stayed at the beach - laundry, graduation card shopping, graduation present shopping - tried to find a CD tower for Uncle Wednesday - and did find, to my surprise that there is no longer a TV Guide - wonder how many years ago they ceased publishing?

That platter would just not work in our house. Don't tell - the boys ALL cook better than Dad!

Kr√ęg said...

Wait, is it MONDAY?!?!
Dammit! I gotta go.

rpc said...

I got back from work in time to receive a phone call from my 13 year old. He'd missed the bus and wanted me to pick him up. I don't see why he shouldn't walk the five miles.
Various other errands, then a Board of Education meeting this evening to beg them not make the cuts that we all know they are going to have to make.

Blondiesaur said...

Trying not to fall asleep at 8pm. 1st trimester makes me sleepy!

Chandra said...

Wish I has something exciting going on today. Let's see I got up at 4:30 to go run (yea, I've stuck with it!), went to my BIL's to shower (hot water tank went out), got Bear up and out the door to go to go to Cub Scout Camp by 7am. Got to work by 8:15...went to get my new car inspected at the DMV over my lunch hour and now I'm writing this when I should be working...hey, I know what's important in life!

I am Trish Marie said...

I drove an hour to buy cupcakes (yes, there were cupcakes much closer than an hour, but not THESE cupcakes) for each one of my kids' teachers. I then assembled cupcakes and gift cards for all ten teachers. Then I went to lunch, found a hair in my food, refused to eat anymore food, making going out a complete waste of my time.

Debbie said...

Hey, can I get one of those other platters that were rejected? I could probably sell those tattoo ones around here by the carload.
Today I drove with my mom to the next city over to do our every three week cheap grocery shopping, came home and put her groceries away, put ours away, and now I'm watching my kids swim.

w said...

today. i pretty much sat around. and played on facebook. and entered giveaways. all whilst playing with the kiddos.

yay summer!

thanks for a great giveaway!

wendiwinn on etsy.

Insanity Kim said...

HAHAHHA! This is great!

I um, did too much on Monday, but laying in the sun was one of them...

Fun giveaway! Thanks!

I can be reached via email on my blog! :)

Chris said...

I spent most of the day at the doctors office with an IV hooked up to my arm, for this month's MS treatment, thinking " I wish I could win one of Lorrie's great prizes!!"

Mambinki said...

I've been at work all day and am staying late so I can give a powerpoint presentation at the board meeting.

Don't be too jealous.

pgwfolc said...

Thanks to my pile of sleeping disorders, I'm on a more or less 25 hour day. I had breakfast today at 8pm. I'm not sure what qualifies as my Monday.

Was it my activities from around midnight last night until I went to bed shortly before everyone else woke up?

Was it the time I spent asleep while everyone else in my time zone was going about their daily business? (During that time, I also tested out the solar panel on the nifty backup battery I recently purchased. But it didn't work through the glass of the window.)

Or is it now, my waking time from evening through early morning? Which, really, isn't that much more interesting. Being the only one awake in the house, with all the local businesses closed, not to mention my severe pollen allergies... I basically spend the "day" quietly at home. TV, computer (I had to reinstall Windows last week, so there's so lingering fun from that), book, dog.

Sometimes I multitask. I can pat the dog while working on the computer, with the TV on in the background. And maybe a book handy for commercials. Impressive, no?

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I woke up around 8am and tossed and turned half a dozen times before I crawled out of bed to wait for the UPs man to come so that we could get Alysons new sim card for her new cell phone. He didn't show up until 3pm.

pgwfolc said...

Two more things done today:

1. Beat parents at Scrabble.

2. Wondered why a crossing guard, whose job it is to protect life at particularly dangerous times and places, is willing to be distracted by 30+ comments from internet strangers. Or are you not serious about actually asking the crossing guard? (I could see it going either way, really.) Or is this somehow occurring when the crossing guard is off duty? On break, perhaps? Do you know the crossing guard socially? Or is this quick enough to be done during a red light? Is the crossing guard going to read the comments or just pick a number?

(Technically, it's now Tuesday. But, as mentioned - weird schedule. I just had lunch. And the Scrabble game was before midnight. And I started wondering about the crossing guard before midnight, even if I didn't have all those thoughts until I came back to the idea now...)

So goes my Monday. Or is it Tuesday? Whatever.

rhubarbwhine said...

Ha! Love it.

Monday will see me getting test results back from the doctor. I hope Monday comes quietly and panlessley.

SassyPants said...

I'm attempting to catalog a vast disarry of information and documents which used to be a museum and now are part of a church archive.

Everything has a thick layer of dust and I have to use Purell every five minutes to keep my sanity.

Jane! said...

Whatever I did yesterday would sound pretty insignificant next to your pre-9am overachiever show.

Oh wait! I did organize the icons on my desktop. Sadly, I can't find a dam thing today.

jen said...

LOVE IT! you're so generous.

Since installing Link Within on my blog, I see all the blog posts I did in teh past about your pottery. I'll give you a shout out for this one. I've been kind of slackin' lately! =0

jen said...

LOVE IT! you're so generous.

Since installing Link Within on my blog, I see all the blog posts I did in teh past about your pottery. I'll give you a shout out for this one. I've been kind of slackin' lately! =0

April said...

Monday was yesterday. I went to work, came home and painted ANOTHER coat of paint on the trim in our home office.
Today, you ask? What did I do today? Tuesday? Ditto.

le @ thirdontheright said...

hello you - too late I know but just wanted to say I do like the tattoo platter concept - has merit - but change dad to mom / mum - le xox