Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FaR aND aWaY

Happy Wednesday Chickens!

I am currently sitting in a beach chair beside the shores of Lake Michigan, but I have pre-set my blog posts to appear in my absence.

While I am away, blog posts will appear sporadically that suggest a topic for discussion. All topics will come from a wonderful site I found that lists TOPICS FOR DEBATE FOR HIGHSCHOOLERS.

These posts will appear several times during the day. On Monday, August 24, a post will appear that lists random numbers and people will win FABULOUS PRIZES. Seriously. Fabulous. SO DISCUSS. DISCUSS SOME MORE.


VAMPIRES. Why can't vampires and werewolves just get along?


Jen said...

Okay...I had no idea, until I read the Twilight series, that there was any kind of discord between vampires and werewolves. When I mentioned this to my husband he said that there have always been problems between the two parties involved and stated many instances of it in several different literary tomes.

Honest to God, this was an actual conversation we had.

Amy said...

Vampires and true werewolves a.k.a "the children of the moon" have been enemies since the beginning of time. Vampires hunt down the children of the moon threatening to drive them to extinction. However it must be noted that Vampires and the Quileute shape shifters formerly known as werewolves can get along just fine providing said vampires are vegetarians. And with a mutual enemy to fight against they can even become like brothers. A shape shifter imprinting on a vampire family member is also helpful in the vampire shape shifter relationship!!

RoadBunner said...

Anyone can get along with good communication :)

Hit 40 said...

I like the RoadBunner!! LOL Never seen this avatar before??

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Ooh...good one. I'm going to walk out on a limb here, but I'm thinking -- and this is just me -- it doesn't really matter because they don't exist.

WV: efich

I don't have anything for this. But I think this could be a new swear word.

Amy said...

They do get along IF the werewolf is madly in love with the 1/2 human 1/2 vampie infant spawn of 2 vampires.

WV: Insess. Oh my. No comment.

Rachael said...

Yes...I think I read something about this in four big tomes recently on the best seller list. Seems like Hi, I'm Amy got it right!

Lake Michigan! Awesome. We live on Lake Michigan (well not ON it, but right near) and I think it's just the awesomest little corner of the world. Have a great time!

WV: pullycha - I'm sure it's an event at the county fair. ???

sheila said...

I think it's because werewolves have too much hair, and the vampires can't get a good bite on them.

wv: acquid
we went to the shores of Lake Michigan, and we acquid with really long tentacles.

kristin said...

wow. You are just TOO clever.

Krëg said...

Well, After World War II, the United Nations gave land to the werewolf people of the world so they could live together in peace. This land, Raleigh-Durham, includes holy places for the werewolf religion and is surrounded by vampire countries. Greensboro vampires lived on the land at the time that the United Nations gave it to the werewolf people.

Portions of the land given to the werewolf people, or taken over by them when they won wars against vampire states, are also holy for vampires. Certain portions of Raleigh controlled by werewolves, called "East Raleigh," are very important to vampires. For religious reasons, Greensboro vampires believe that they must gain control of East Raleigh as part of any lasting peace settlement.

Further, vampires view themselves as living in an occupied nation, where invaders (werewolves) have placed them under military rule. To fight back, vampires have built a terrorist network to attack innocent werewolf civilians. Werewolves feel they must continue to control vampires with military force to protect themselves against more terrorist attacks.

VM: shmet
The above statement it total bullshmet I created by doing a "find & replace" on a summary of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Debbie said...

Oh, the culture clashes. I just hate to see it repeated time and time again.
Maybe all this new fame will help these two groups finally find some common ground.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

dude. I was totally impressed and educated by Kreg's explanation. . .and then found out he totally CHEATED. you can't do find and replace. that is totally misleading. . .I find him totally reprehensible in this instance. . .

what was your question? um, something about getting along, right? um, I'll have to get back to you.

Miss Thystle said...

Because Taylor Lautner is VASTLY hotter than Robert Pattinson.


(I would have had a better answer, but Kreg has already been here.)

(Did you know Kreg knows all kinds of dirty, deviant things? He does. It's disturbing. And awesome.)

WV: Emleds

QVC is now selling rings with Diamoniqe and Emleds.

SassyPants said...

There's just simply not enough blood to go around.

Plus, they often have fights about whether werewolves or vampires freak out little children more.

Racie Lover said...

I agree with the blood shortage answer offered up by SassyPants. Having lived in the U.K. during the years of the so-called "Mad Cow" epidemic and no longer allowed to donate blood because I might have eaten a tainted Wimpy Burger or somesuch, I can understand how the Vamps and the Wolves might be getting a little edgy.

WV Compt: What happens when your Computer goes Kaput

ZDub said...

This is the first I have heard about their conflict.

I have no idea, perhaps Google will know?

And what the shit are you doing on Lake Michigan? Pottery DOES NOT MAKE ITSELF. :)

Sahm Lee said...

What books are you reading? I know absolutely nothing about the vamps and weres having any issues other than who's on body guard duty for Anita that week!

3carnations said...

The werewolves would like to get along with the vampires, but the vampires keep trying to suck their blood.

Anonymous said...

Best answer was given by 3carnations.

BTW, I grew up on Lake Michigan. We were sea monsters (lake monsters actually). That could be another topic.

Unknown said...

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