Monday, August 03, 2009


I am having lots of fun on my summer vacation. Most of the time Mommy tries to stick me in camps that don't end until after cocktail hour, but last week we got to go to NEW HAMPSHIRE. On the way, we stopped at this place called Old Sturbridge Village. It was really old. I thought it was GREAT!

CBOY: I think they should have invented air conditioning A LOT sooner than they did.

I got to get a hat and dress up and churn butter and hear a fascinating story about how brooms are made! It was AWESOME!

WooHoo I think I figured out a way to enjoy the breeze!

When we got to the cabin it rained. It rained and it rained and it rained and it rained. Do you think this poncho makes my butt look like a ku klux klan member?

Dad threw up, there was no tv, and the mosquitos ate us alive. This blogging thing is pretty easy.

Hey give me back the keyboard.

I had it first.

I'm telling.


kwr221 said...

Can I hire your kids to write my blog for me?

I'm open to guest bloggers.

Bj in Dallas said...

how do I miss someone so much that I wouldn't know if you were standing next to me in a bar???

Krëg said...

Your kids look a little too tough to be in the New Hampshire Klan. They like their members to be a bit less street-wise.

Miss Thystle said...

If you kids don't stop fighting, we're going to turn this blog around and NO ONE will get the key board.

ZDub said...

This is beter than anything I have ever written.

Jen said...

Having been to Sturbridge Village, I think Banana's face in the second picture says it all.

sheila said...

I went to Sturbridge Village when I was kid living in Connecticut. In fact, the whole experience actually sounds like a vacation I had at Banana's age...cabin, no TV, bugs, brothers...Ah, memories.

Your kids may inspire me to actually start my own blog. If they can do such a great job, surely I can come up with something to talk about...

Debbie said...

Great photos! I'm still impressed with your glamorous vacation.

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kwr221 said...

What she said.