Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hola Chickens. Wondering where I've been? I've been cheating on you with YET ANOTHER blog. Apparently I am a good candidate for Writer's Rehab, because I Just Can't Say No. I am the Tim Sizemore of Blogger. Currently, I'm writing all month for the New York Etsy Team--and they are running fabulous giveaways on their blog ALL MONTH LONG. So go here and enter- because your odds of winning something awesome are I get to pick the winners just sayin very very very good!

And I still haven't finished telling you about our vacation! Wannado was hard to top in terms of fun and excitement, but we managed to come close at.......THE FLORIDA RENAISSANCE FAIR!!

Perhaps we should have just gotten inside a carriage and ridden through a thick glen and allowed the highwaymen to rob us blind, because this place was One Gigantic Money Pit. Starting with, of course: Costumes. Then we needed swords so we could stab random noblemen. Then we had to pay them off to avoid lawsuits.

We had to buy overpriced odd handcrafted parental torture devices that make waterboarding look like a day at the beach musical instruments. that thing turning your lips orange Banana?

So I go to the closest shopkeeper dressed like a fairy, and ask if it could be toxic. "Dude," she said, "You know you're at a Renaissance Fair, right? We like to keep it Natural." And while she was saying this someone asked Banana if she was gonna smoke that thing.

We played games, rode rides operated by the sweat of men clad in leather, ate ginormous turkey legs that The Spawn kept calling 'mutton', watched a bawdy performance by middleaged men who look like they stepped out of a Whitesnake video, looked at a stall full of magic wands...and hung out with various knights, trolls and fairies.

All in all, a good day indeed.


Kr√ęg said...

How did you get Rosie O'Donnell to pose with your kids without frightening them?

WV: apood
Apood mah pants.

Jennifer said...

Please tell me the part about someone asking Banana if she was going to smoke that thing is true.