Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Happy Wednesday Chickens!

I rolled over Sunday morning to find this note left on my pillow:

Dear Mom I will give you a make-over today p.s. my throte herts

Obviously, I have been looking like crap lately the situation was viewed as dire by Banana, because she had been up and carefully arranging her Barbie lip glosses since the crack of dawn. Plus, she was completely willing to overlook her low grade fever, hacking cough and swollen glands just to fix my face.

Here's the "Before" shot.

But after she had coughed all over me worked her magic--which included applying pink pearlized nailpolish to my eyebrows by accident KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED MOMMY DON'T LOOK MOMMY SORRY MOMMY I THOUGHT THAT WAS EYESHADOW I ended up looking like this

But the very best part was when she put my hair into pony tails, stepped back and declared: "MOMMY YOU LOOK TEN YEAR YOUNGER." Who knew that you don't need botox or a face lift...just these babies:


debi said...

Aww, so sweet, I miss my grown up babies!

Kr√ęg said...

I just put full-sized pictures of myself from ten years ago over all my mirrors. Problem solved.

WV: thipb
The noise you make when trying to get an errant hair out of your mouth.

Le said...

too cute - my youngest is a dab hand with the hair clips ... we are lucky our kids care so much :) le xo

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I remember when I used to have long hair and the girls would ask to braid it.
That was always fun.

I'm going to have to consider Kregs idea of life size pictures. I'm pretty sure I need one in my bathroom.

Jen said...

I never gave my mother a make over, but I gave my younger brother one once. He had that long, Adam Rich, 8 Is Enough hair and his was just long enough to pull into two little pig-tails on top. He loved it (he was 3) but my mother blew up and I was not allowed to touch my brother's hair from that day forward.