Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Handmade Spring Finds

Hip Hip Hooray
Put your puffy coats away!
Winter is done, Spring's finally here
Let's all give a great big cheer...
After this weekend full of eggs
It's finally time I shave my legs.

Here are some handmade goodies from Etsy, celebrating the fact that it's time to pull the old capris out of the box.

Meadow Treasures Sparrow Egg Nest $24.95 from HollyFerencze.

Flower pot metal wall sculpture $38.00 Frivolous Tendencies

Gardenia Poppy Flower Soap $5.00 by Sunbasilgarden

Julilet Earrings with vintage German cameos in crown settings $14.00 from Laralewis

Moss terrrarium $36.00 by Betty's Fantasy

April Showers 5 x 5 print $9.99 by Cindimh2

Happy Spring, Chickens!


Miss Thystle said...

I like the fairy jar! So cute!

Jennifer said...

I am so stealing that poem.