Thursday, July 15, 2010


Jeepers, where you guys been? It's like you don't even care to write anymore. I hope this lackluster attitude of yours is short lived people. In the meantime, the Atlanta gift show opened yesterday and here are some more new products for Our name Is Mud that are coming to a fine retailer near you soon. Maybe even nearer than you think because the brand new MUD website is coming along and may be up as soon as the end of August.

Here's the line inspired by BLUE, a faithful reader of this blog. (So pfft to the two followers who dropped me this week. You lost your chance to be a muse. )

Sweet,right? Stay tuned for more!


Lin said...

lmao...I love that mug!

Cant wait to see more of your new stuff.

ZDub said...

Love your new stuff!


Blue said...

It is ABOUT TIME! And they're all fabulous! I'm so proud of you for creating my dream line. Even the COLOR of chocolate is heavenly. Unfortunately for my gullet, heavenly colors just aren't enough.

I knew you'd nail it with this line. ♥ to you and the kiddos...and a hat-tip to Kip!

WV: miction. Friction between men.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Love it. Fits right in with my personal motto in life:

Life is like a box of chocolates - without chocolate, it's empty!

But... what are the chocolate bars? Tiles to hang? Fridge magnets? Paperweights? Actual candy wrappers?

Anonymous said...

member me? Hope I can remember my password to post this!!
LOVE YOUR GUTS and all the new chocolate things
do they all go well with Chardonnay??

Anonymous said...

ok, so I DON'T remember my passwords

life is weird, without chocolate

and a buttery oakey chardonnay


my WV is dictest

he had a way with words, but then he showed you his dictest

Anonymous said...


they know me

rpc said...

Since you ask where everyone is these days, I would like to point out that there has been somewhat of a time lag between your posts. Not that I am trying to be critical of course.

I LOVE the chocolate range!

WV: dqzcl - typical Scrabble letters for me.

Britta said...

Oh my gosh you are so funny and I love your blog (don't get a big head)... been buying your stuff for years... LOVE IT... thanks for bringing some humor into my decor.