Wednesday, November 03, 2010


E is for:

I don't understand it. I don't want to understand it. I did once try to detach a plug that was tightly jammed into an extension cord with my teeth. True Story. Not a pretty one (hence the nickname Sizzle Lips.)

I have blogged before about my love for Johnny Gage, but I don't know if I also mentioned that if I could create the ideal gynecologist, It would have been this guy:

I started talking to The Spawn about global warming the other day, but upon seeing the growing anxiety on Complicated Boy's face, told them that by the time it became any sort of end-of-the-world problem we would have invented flying cars and would patch the ozone with duct tape.

An existential map has "You Are Here" written all over it.

I can't speak in depth about this whole Tea party thing, but ask me a question about Lindsay Lohan. Come on, ask!

Really got the short end of the stick in DAKTARI episodes.

And also in JUNGLE BOOK--Part I and Part II. Perhaps there is a Hollywood conspiracy?

Did you know they just recently discovered and ACTUAL GENE that makes cilantro taste like soap to some people? Thank goodness scientists worked on this. I feel so much safer at my local Mexican restaurant.

Remember when we would get big red E's on a paper or test and it meant something good? Now I think most kids will think it is the equivalent of an F plus.

There is a person in this office who has a thing for egg sandwiches. Almost every time he comes to work, he has an egg sandwich. I can only tell you that the space reeks like people who have eaten too many enchiladas.

jeebuz but I am Exhausted by thinking up these E words. I would not like to buy a vowel, please. What did I miss? Write your own E word below in comments and EXPLAIN.


Jennifer said...

I want that existentialism poster for my home.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Ernie. Ernie was excited to see that he had two E's in his name and Bert only had one.

kwr221 said...


I am envious of your mad blogging skillz, and I would like to steal..ummm, borrow this idea to kick start me back into blagging, but that would make me a copy-cat. :-(

WV: Pollycon

I think I studied pollycons in school after I studied hectagons.

rpc said...

EMail - I was about like to give a long explanation as to why this is leading to the collapse of civilization, but I have to postpone it so that I can go and answer some Emails.

Sheila said...

Enchiladas -- yes, I know you already said this. But now I am just craving them. Avocado Enchiladas to be exact, which chili con carne & extra jalapenos. Yum....