Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DRuG oF CHoiCe

Society frowns upon giving your four year old a beer, or allowing your twelve year old to bring hash brownies in for snack, but we missed an epidemic which is far worse than crack and heroin, IMO.

I am talking, of course, about Girl Scout Cookies.

One day you're ordering 44 extra boxes so that your kid can get their badge because you were too lazy to take her around door to door, next minute you find yourself staring into the freezer at 3 am looking for a sleeve of frozen Thin Mints.

You hide your Samoas in your closet, and then give your children stale pretzels in their lunchboxes because you can't bare to share your stash.

Your husband finds you curled up one evening stroking a box of TagALongs and calling it "My Precious."

You hit bottom when you have Lemon Chalet Cremes for breakfast and actually enjoy them. Everybody has to get together in a room with a guy who will tell you "I see a lot of people here today who love you a bunch" while your weeping child says "Will you accept the help that is offered to you today?' But you can't answer. Because your mouth is full.

I can stop anytime. Really.


Lin said...'re hilarious & so right! My husband hides his darn Thin Mints when people come over to the house because he doesnt want to share them lol.

Jennifer said...

I run in the opposite direction when I see Girl Scout cookies.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...


Quick! Hit me!

Sierra said...

That last image says it all, too funny!

Seriously though, I have to run in the other directions from Girl Scout Cookies, one bite and its all down hill from there...with the final result being my eating think mints in the closet ;)

rpc said...

I was so happy when my daughter quit Girl Scouts - I no longer have to buy the cookies and wrestle with all of that temptation.

Sheila said...

Girl Scout Cookies are the work of the devil himself. Just looking at a box sucks all of my willpower right out the window.

Thanks for reminding me we have a box of Samoa's hidden in the junk drawer!!