Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Curious George

Do you remember this? Here is the plot summary:
The book picks up where the first book ends. George is living in the zoo, but escapes. He enters a restaurant and eats a pot of spaghetti. The cook makes him wash the dishes. He does a splendid job and the cook takes him to a friend who gives him a job as a window washer at an apartment building. George discovers a room being painted and gives it a jungle theme but the painters chase him and he breaks his leg falling from a fire escape. He recovers in the hospital, but tampers with a bottle of ether and is overcome by the fumes. The man with the yellow hat and a nurse waken him with a cold shower. George's story is made into a movie and the book ends with George watching the film in a theater with his friends.

Reading it now, I realize that book was just Wrong. It's no children's book - it's the screenplay for the PG version of The Hangover.


Jennifer said...

I always loved that picture of George passed out. Awesome sauce.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You're absolutely correct! I'd never want to use George as an example of anything to my children except how NOT to behave. (But he was pretty cute.)