Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are moving to New Jersey at the end of this month, so all blogging will be suspended for awhile. If you are looking for other reading material to procrastinate with on the internet, please check out my blog roll which hopefully is still somewhere on the sidebar.

See You Soon!


kwr221 said...

I don't see a blog roll.

Can I help you move? I'll bring beer ;-)

Shahida shimul said...

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Miss Thystle said...

Jersey? Was Hell full?

Conor Corcoran said...

Hi Lorrie -

You made this fantastic mug, some seven or eight years ago, called "Trouble Maker". It was green, with black writing, and had raised white ceramic bumps circled in black.

It was my favorite mug, and my clients loved to see it on my desk. (I'm an attorney in Philadelphia).

What my clients didn't know, and why I loved it so much, was that I bought it in Grand Central Station with an old girlfriend so long ago, and it's one of the best sources of memories that I have of her. I often remember something new, long forgotten, just by wrapping my hands around it. And so, as you can imagine, I treasure that mug.

I'm writing to see if you have another one. I broke it last week, and putting it back together again makes it look like the bride of Frankenstein. Plus I'm not sure I want flakes of crazy glue in my coffee. We've got enough crazy gluing us around here already.

Please help.

Litigiously Yours,
Conor Corcoran
(215) 977-9300

Sheila said...

Are you EVER coming back, or have you been recruited by those Jersey Shore heathens??!!

We miss you Lorie!!

Anonymous said...

I Put in an order for 2 coffee mugs Catfiennated, and the cat travel mug, I got the Catfiennated mug, but a chocolate travel mug instead, My first e-mail was responded to with one of your shipping personel that I would receive a full refund. I asked for instructions on where to mail the wrong mug to, but have not recieved a reply. I have also called and left messages twice with no response. My best friend is soon to open a premier cat hospital(18000 sq ft), and I wanted to give this to him as a present. I know you are busy with the move, but if you could help me get this to him in time for the grand opening, that would be great.

Here is my order info:

Anonymous said...

Lorrie, I can't thank you enough for your kindness and for getting back to me so quickly. I was very sad to see that you no longer have a branch in GCT.
Thanks for providing above and beyond the call of duty customer service(anonymous who posted above)

Julie Malone said...

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