Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FuNNy PRoDuCTs...NoT By Me

'Tis the season for Trade Shows Chickens, so soon I will reveal the ONIM January Launch--but before I do I'd like to take a moment and celebrate some other very fine products.

I love this axe keyholder! It sure would come in handy for all those times I lock myself in the house. Entire episodes of CSI could be written differently if every household had one of these.

Cat Refridgerator Magnet. Fridge got your tongue?

Sexyhusbandomine is getting this tie for Father's Day.

How about this fork with a built in pizza cutter for the snobby people that won't pick the slice up with their hands? Pretty cool idea. And if you were to give yourself a cut that required stitches you might not even notice until you were done with dinner and realized that wasn't tomato sauce.

This is a very clever way to thwart those people who try to use your mug at the office. What will they think up next? A way to protect my stapler? My tape dispenser? My daughter's virtue?

I'll have a ham on rye. TO GO. Seriously, I am a big believer in always packing a snack.

Now you can actually WIN one of these cool tea for ones! Do you have a creative/ridiculous/funny idea for a teapot? Just leave a 1-5 sentence description in the comments below describing it. A panel of judges (that would be me, my two cats and perhaps my 8 year old during a commercial break) will pick a winner on Thursday, January 12th. Winner will be notified by email, but winner's name will be published here. Entry may actually turn into a real product, in which case clever winner receives additional prize! One entry per person please. Runners Up may be awarded consolation prizes. Thinking caps on people. Extra points for correct use of grammar.


kwr221 said...

Oh. My. Gosh. DO you think we're just waiting around to see if you ever post again!?

Well, um... maybe we are, so what?

Is this like one of those fab creative meetings where everyone brainstorms, and we order out for sandwiches, and then it gets later and we're stuck for ideas, so we go straight to the desk drawer for the bottle of bourbon?

Very MadMen, eh?
If so, then I'm in.

... well, except that I don't drink a lot of tea, and when I do, it's just a tea bag in an old cracked cup... no WAIT, it's in my tres witty Mr. Tea mug ;-) ( that I really use for coffee, duh)

anyway, can't wait to read the great ideas. :-D

WV: profift... it's a ONIM kid of profit, I think

Bella said...

A teapot that is heat sensitive (like those rude mugs) so when it is full it looks like a fish bowl and as the tea is poured out and each section becomes cooler the picture fades until it's just a little fish at the bottom in a puddle of water (this would be a default picture when the teapot is cold). To save it you have to drink more tea & fill it up again :)


femery said...

So, playing further on your Mr. Tea idea, what about "The A-TEAm?" All 4 on a tea pot. :) "I pity the fools who don't drink tea."

MzNadine420 said...

I'm stuck. I can't get my mind past crock teaser. you know "let me warm you, i'm no crock teaser." dumb isn't it.

Mama B @ Generation Freedom said...

Well, I'm a Denver, Colorado "native" & our home football team, the Denver Broncos just won a big game this past Sunday. Our football crazed town has gone wild and is cuckoo for the quarterback, Tim Tebow, who has been in the headlines quite a bit, specifically for his positive attitude and faith in his Christian religion. Anyway, it's a Tebow crazy time around here and across the NFL. So, my idea for a teapot would be something with him, his silhouette maybe, of him praying (this is what he's known for). Then, it could read It's TEA-BOW time and maybe have an image of just a bow, like a wrapped bow. Or read just TEA & then have the bow image below it. That's my idea and I hope I win your pot, because I love it so much! Thanks.

Nikki said...

Don't cha wish your teapot was hot like Bea. Put a picture of Bea Arthur on there :)

Marylee said...

A silhouette of a girl holding a tea cup with the caption "See Jane Steep"

Zack Slater said...

A picture of Steve Urkel that says "Did I Brew That?"

Sharon Thurston said...

Eleanor Roosevelt with a thought bubble of her quote "A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

Mama B @ Generation Freedom said...

Those are all AWESOME ideas, OMGosh I love them! Bea Arthur, ha, ha, Jane Steep, love it, Steve Urkel, hilarious & Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my favorite women ever, love that idea! So creative!

Megs said...

What a good challenge! I'm such a fan of the 'hello is is tea you're looking for pot'
Ahh Lionel Rich-Tea what a legend. (Do you get rich tea biscuits in the US?)

Anyway my submission after much deliberation is....

The Human cen-tea-pede, a tea pot with cups that connect and the tea can be poured from one cup to the next.

Other ideas I had that didn't quite make it were.......

Music related:
Phil Collins 'Tea's an easy lover'

Communards 'Don't leave tea this way"

Ktlie Minogue 'Confide in Tea' or if you are an early fan 'Tea's on my pillow'

Human league 'Don't you want tea baby? Don't you want tea oh oh oh oh?'

Meat Loaf 'Don't feel bad, Cos two of out tea ain't bad'

Queen 'Bohemian Rhapso-tea'

Bjork 'Big Time Sensuali-tea'

Prince 'Sexuali-tea ias all I'll ever need'

Tea-na Turner 'S-tea-my windows'

Otis Reading 'Are you lonely for tea Baby?'

Film related:
Menace II Socie-tea
Sin Ci-tea
You tea and everyone we know

Tea-hee.....The possibli-tea's are endless!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Love this contest but my mind is a big blank... em-tea!!!

jordon said...

"It's Tea Time", with a golf ball and some grass painted on side"

MarylEstelle said...

A teapot with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it that says "Four Scones and Seven Steeps Ago"

James W said...

The teapot would say "I have the cream" and have a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. on it.

Weezie said...

I don't see my comments posted and since there has been no declared winner, I am just going to try it again. As previously suggested, I think the teapot should say "BAGS FLY FREE!" and have a Southwest Airlines logo beneath the text.

pollyanna hype morethanmagnetic@hotmail.com said...

stephanie tanner: How BREWWWWED!!!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Thanks for playing!

jordon said...

Who won?