Friday, February 03, 2012

ArE YoU FoND oF OuR TeSTiCLeS???

5 - count 'em- FIVE lucky winners will win this snarky tile just by commenting. And since the average amount of comments a blog post gets here is about 3--ODDS ARE LOOKING PRETTY GOOD, CHICKENS. All you have to do is share this link:
on your facebook, your twitter, your blog, or pin it on Pinterest. Post a link here in comments to your link and you are entered. Don't tweet or facebook or blog or pin? Hang a sign on that rock you live under and send us a picture by carrier pigeon. Winners are chosen at random and will be announced Wednesday February 8th at Noon EST.


TJ said...

I want to be a winner in life. If this is how it manifests itself, so be it!

Jen said...

I just want to say that a title for a blog post has never caught my attention like this one. Ever.

rpc said...

I finally caught up with the fact that you are back. Here is my Facebook post

and let me tell you that my few friends will be wondering what has come over me. This is the third link that I have posted this week, making a grand total of four in my entire Facebook career.

kay ro said...

Damn, how'd I miss this? I don't get notifications anymore and I'm apparently not only too lazy TO blog, I'm now too lazy to READ blogs.