Friday, April 26, 2013

Normal Kid, His Kid, MY Kid- Take Your Kid To Work Day 2013

Yesterday was sleep in a little and skip math Take Your Child To Work day. I take educating my chilluns for their future employment very very very seriously: they have known how to put ketchup on a hamburger bun since birth. Yesterday, I attempted to teach my son, Complicatedboy age 12, and my daughter, Banana age 9, along with a very nice neighborhor child, George age 12, how to be a designer like me. The lesson included everything from creating concepts for products, to pitching them to the Marketing Team, to working with the Graphic Arts Department. (I left out some of the other aspects of my job such as being yelled at by a superior and waiting on hold for half an hour for a meeting in which nothing important is discussed--because really, I don't want them to know How Much Fun I have on a daily basis.) I told them how giftware can solve all the world's problems keeping the recipient and the occasion in mind was the key to successful gift ware design. Here now...their designs.

First up- NORMAL KID. George does Disney.
This uber stylized modern mug is both playful and stylish- with bold pops of color and the iconic mickey symbol front an center. An added bonus is a "hidden mickey" in the bottom of the cup for those Disney fans who seek them out. Fantastic, fun and functional. Perhaps George will grow up and design giftware for theme parks or make movie merchandise.

Next up is HIS KID--meaning Sexyhusbandomine's offspring. Because clearly, when Complicatedboy set out to make a mug for teachers in America he was calling upon the shared experiences he and his father have had:

Complicatedboy does get extra points for the back design, which includes BRANDING. And the fact that the mug is for TEA and not coffee. OK, maybe he is my kid too.

Wait a second...where did he ever get the idea that when an adult says "Right after I finish this cup of tea" it means that it is NEVER GONNA HAPPEN?

So Moving Right Along... there is The Banana. Who was informed by Marketing that Pet Lovers are a lucrative segment. And relating cats to kids---genius!

But the true proof that she has my DNA?--the fact that she PUNNED on the back! She punned, and I just couldn't be prouder.

Oh wait- Yes I could. Because after we finished the design exercise The Banana asked if she could make something that SHE could really use. "Because I don't drink coffee," She explained. So I pointed her to the wall of plain white pottery forms--where she could make a bank, a heart shaped jewelry box, a figurine of a princess. And she made.....

That's my girl.


Metalicious said...

Love all of your kids, especially Kip.

ratty said...

OMG! this has been an EXCELLENT coffee drinking, coffee spitting, laughing hysterically at my computer moment ... thanks EVER so :) i saw you in a recent Etsy newsletter and ended up here, wasting time as i ignore MY Complicatedboy-man as he stomps around grumpily and cleans the catbox. because, as i stated this morning, i am NOT the catbox monitor. Complicatedboy's mug reminded me of those melamine Xmas plates they gave the kids at school to decorate as a Parental Xmas Gift. my then little ArtsyGirl drew a lovely family Xmas scene. my Annoying PreteenBoy drew a man being electrocuted as he plugged in the Xmas tree, oy. hasn't changed a bit..., death metal all the way. rock on, mom, rock on...
love the blog, love the mud, have a great day :)

Jen said...

Greatest kids and greatest mugs ever.

Yvonne - MyHauntedAttic said...

I love this post, it truly
made me laugh out loud!

Your kids are brilliant : )