Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Queen of Clean

This is one of my favorite items from the new brand I designed, Really Great News.  It sits on my couch in my family room.  Unless one of The Spawn has thrown it onto the floor, in which case it is probably artfully positioned to conceal a pile of smashed goldfish crackers next to a flattened pouch of Capri Sun.  I enjoy cleaning up messes I did not make--it's why I became a mom. 

The other night I watched the movie  Snow White with The Banana.  It hit me as odd that Snow White's first inclination when she finds the Seven Dwarfs' deserted cottage is to CLEAN IT.  Then again, I suppose if the bunnies and birds pitched in at my house I might spend a little more time making it tidy, instead of just watching back to back episodes of Hoarders and convincing myself that the place doesn't look so bad after all.

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Jen said...

I need this pillow.