Monday, March 06, 2006


So I finally figured it out! If writing about myself is what makes creating this blog so difficult: I WON'T DO IT! (Thank you to my two year old, Annie banana for teaching me the importance of just saying NO. It's even more effective when you can throw your little body onto the floor and kick and scream a bit.) Anyhoooo, so I have decided to write about other people in the world of MUD,starting with one of our favorites: DAN.

Dan joined OUR NAME IS MUD waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day (around '97.) He started as the Assistant Manager of a store, and worked his way up to Manager, and then headed up our website, which he still does to this day. His is the sultry voice that answers 1-877-MUD-STOR except at 4:55, which is when he stops answering at all.

Dan is a young guy, single, and our female cat, Boots, has taken a special liking to him. He is a very good looking guy despite the fact that he refuses to take my advice about cutting his hair. His favorite color is green (because quote "geniuses like green" endquote) and he likes Indian cuisine. His favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption and he likes small children (he didn't say that, I just added it in. Did I mention he is single?)

Check out for some great stuff. Dan is an awesome singer and guitar player and has a blood relative called Virus. I love his black and blue stuff which really shows off his great voice and writing abilities.

He also has another band called BULLY which the young 'uns seem to really enjoy. (Dan does not agree with my taste in music and has not yet seen the pure genius in Matchbox 20 for some reason.) Anyway, check out to hear some great music.

Dan takes all the pictures that are on this website, and is happy to answer any digital photography questions you have about photographing your work. (Actually, he didn't say that, I just added it in. Did I write that he is not dating anyone at the moment?)

Anyhow, we're lucky to have a great guy like Dan as part of MUD. He probably has no idea how much we love and appreciate him, because frankly we're usually busy treating him like a kid brother. I would give him noogies if I could. But just so you all know, he is one of the many people here who have been wind beneath our wings. He's a great guy (he should however, get a haircut.)

p.s. are you a beautiful girl in your twenties or early thirties, independently wealthy, with an interest in dating aspiring rock stars? You must like cats and Indian Cuisine. Please post contact info here.


Lorrie Veasey said...

In case you missed the following on the BULLY website. (Note: I removed any curse words. This is a family blog.)

What BULLY member would get voted off first on a BULLY reality show?
Matt because he' probably not want a camera in his face 24/7

BULLY dream gig:
Madison Square Garden NYC, of course.

Rock icon you'd switch your life with:
Well, I don't think there's anyone cooler than Tom Waits

One food for the rest of your life:
Most likely Chicken, because everything tastes like it anyway.

Boxers or briefs?
Actually boxerbriefs. Like the comfort, but need the support.

Sport BULLY would kick butt in?
Any team sport that requires a helmet.

If Justin Timberlake asked to be in your band, what would you tell him?
You're kidding, right?

The Ultimate BULLY Mobile:
An old blue Chevy Van that we drove into the ground. That vehicle was a death trap.

President of BULLY Nation:
Judge Judy

In a fire, whose instrument would you save first?
My Les Pauls but also, John's bass head that never seems to work right...just so they'd all be annoyed...

Whose butt did you kick in elementary school?
A kid name Stanley...I picked him off with a line-drive dodgeball throw and he fell and hit his head. He started crying....The next thing you know, "Hey! Dan beat up Stanley!"

3 bands you would pummel if you met in a dark alley?
Creed, Newfound Glory, and more Creed

Beer currently in your fridge:

Song currently singing in the shower:
Dogman by King's X

Past teacher you'd challenge to a fight today:
Mr Zaccardo, the gym teacher.

When boozing, what drink is in your hand?
Coronas/ Rum and Cokes

Camels or Marlboros?
Both...whatever's cheaper.

Chopper or Hot Rod?
Hot rod because sometimes it has a back seat...wink...wink

Top 3 movie recommendations:
Naked Gun 2 1/2, Office Space, He's Got Issues

Pet Peeves:
Alarm clocks, uptight people, religious fanatics, cat hair, info-mercials, bad acting.

When you die, who would you like to buried next to?
Burial? How 'bout Sprinkling my ashes on the head of the lead singer of CREED? Maybe get some in his eyes too.

5 greatest bands of all time:
The Beatles, Led Zep, King's X, Metallica, Jane's Addiction but this list should be a lot longer.

Gibson les pauls, Fender amps

Real, raw, uncompromising and necessary.

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