Friday, March 09, 2007


Change is
a verb
full of possibility.

You cannot get
to where
you want to go next
without leaving
familiar places

Good luck
and lots
of love
to those who start
a new journey today.


Estela said...
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Lorrie Veasey said...


Lorrie Veasey said...

I hope that you will let go of your anger and resentment and move happily to your next destination. I hope you take with you the great friendships you formed, and that you learned something in the time you spent with us. I am sorry that you found me to be "cold, impersonal and standoffish," but at the end of the day-I would rather be incorrectly perceived as those things, than to do or say things that are deliberately spiteful. We all must live with the words we put out into the world. What you say about others often just reflects on you.

In the end, anger is just fear trying to put on a brave face.

I know you will be fine and that many good things are in your future. I hope that you will learn to look for the good in people, because life is too short to strike out at people who you have not really come to know.

But anyway, thanks for not mentioning my XXL behind, my 1,000 year old black sweater, my annoying laugh, my perpetual tea breath, and my writing style. I know in the end there is MUCH you could have found to comment on and I appreciate that you limited it to the fact that I appear distant and reserved. Now go to the light people, go to the light.