Monday, March 12, 2007

For Your iPod

I like to play a little game with my ipod. Before I put it on, I hit shuffle, and I tell myself that whatever song plays--the lyrics will have some great significance to the day ahead. (Do not try this if you have downloaded Mmmmbop by The Hansons.) But if you have an eclectic collection-as I do--you may find it's better than the tarot for mapping out the next 24 hours. Try it.

One song/album I recently downloaded that I totally recommend as a ditty you will thoroughly enjoy is TROUBLE by Ray LaMontagne. Apparently this album is a few years old--which would mean it's about time for someone like me to actually get hip to it. I love the song-love the album. Get thee to itunes for a listen.

Oddly enough, I also include among my favorites TROUBLE by Cat Stevens and TROUBLE by Pink. Which just goes to show that when I go looking for trouble, I am usually able to find it.

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