Sunday, March 18, 2007

Coke or Pepsi? A conversation with Peedles

Peedles: Thats always what people think they should ask you to find out the real you..
how about something really important....something that really matters in the world and defines the sort of person you really tight pants on baseball players like they use to wear (which gave us yet another reason to look forward to spring) or that loose crap that they wear now (that should be reserved only for
former Olympic German women shotputters...and I mean no disrespect for Helga and her posse)? Thats the sorta thing that defines me...

Lorrie: I'm with you P. -love to cut through the bullshit and boil people down to their essence: what are you-chicken or beef? But I like a more subtle question. Like these:
Darfur or Survivor Fiji?
Global Warming or celebrities that shave their heads?
Who would you rather sleep with: young George Clooney or older George Clooney?
General Tsaos Chicken or Chicken with Peanuts?

P: just so we''re clear the options do NOT include a meanage a trois with both old and young George Clooney -- preferably while they are both wearing tight baseball pants?

Lorrie: Hmm. Now there's a thought: I can see young George Clooney now, with his Facts of Life hair in yellow rainboots (must be some odd episode that is stuck in my mind) and Older George Clooney in ER in that episode where he rescues the boy from the sewer flood (my gawd--he is wet yet again) and then an ever OLDER George Clooney who is talking about Darfur. Ok-scratch the last George.

But seriously Peedles, you need to get out there and date more. If it's men in uniforms that do it for you, might I suggest you come visit me in NYC where men in uniform abound? We've got doormen, mailmen, policemen, firemen...the DHL men wear a striking combination of red and yellow and are so masculine they switch to the shorts version around this time of year.

Also: my brother is coming to town MARCH 30. That would be my TWIN brother. Need I say more?

P: Date more? Is that possible? We have those same guys in uniform here and they all have southern accents! Here in the south even our firemen wear shorts. I just thought of something though...maybe thats what the original question meant: Coke GUY or Pepsi GUY? Hey LV....can your brother please bring me a soda?

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