Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pink Puffy Coat

So just last week I was about to retire my pink puffy coat which is arguably one of the uglier winter coats I have ever owned--being a baby shade of pink and very puffy. (Kip will disagree. He thinks the turquoise coat from the winter of 05 with the faux dog fur collar is the ugliest, hands down.)

I purchased the pink puffy coat because Annie spent this winter in a pink puffy coat, and we had tons of fun putting our coats on together and saying: "Power Up Puffy Girls" and combining ballet moves with Power Ranger kicks. I have also cut my hair to match Annie's hair--so maybe there is a deeper regressive problem there that can be explored in another blog- but for now let's just say that Annie and I walk proudly down the dirty streets of New York and are a VISION IN PINK.

I purchase all my clothes for three reasons: comfort, warmth and irony.And if they hide my ass, well that's just an added bonus.

Anyhow-I was about to retire this coat but now it looks like it will be around for another 2-3 weeks. Damn this weather. Why can't global warming just get us all to a nice temperate 70 degrees stopping point and THEN I will heat my house with solar.


IrishBlackthorn said...

I actually saw you in your Pink, Puffy Coat last week & I thoght you looked wonderful! My only disappointment was that Kip had on some nondescript outerwear & might've benefitted from a Pink, Puffy Coat of his own! Colour in Winter is greatly appreciated! Thankyou, & I look forward to next Winter's colourful collection!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Thanks Darling E; for one of my only COMMENTS on my blog!