Thursday, March 29, 2007

PSA- Sea of People

The following is an email I received regarding an event known as Sea of People. And since i did my share of destroying the environment with several years of disposable diapers, I am passing the info along here:

Hello there-
I'm working with a number of local community, environmental, arts, and
civic orgs to organize a rally and human installation in Lower Manhattan
as part of the Step It Up 2007 National Day of Climate Action. Our event
is called the Sea of People, and it combines the dynamics of a mass rally
with the expressive power of an interactive artistic installation.
Following a noon rally at Battery Park (in front of Castle Clinton),
thousands of participants, dressed in blue, will stretch north in two
columns along the projected eastern and western 10 foot waterlines that
may one day redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise

Both lines will extend approximately one mile north from the
Battery--roughly to the World Trade Center site on the west side and
Hanover Square on the east. We estimate that a line of this length would
call for about 5,000 participants, and no less than 200 volunteers to help
coordinate its movement and formation. Therefore the need to execute
successful and broad outreach prior to the date will be of paramount
importance. Please see the attached 1-pager and press release for more

Spread the word!
We're dropping you a line because we have we have immense respect for your
organization and hope that you'll be able to help us spread the word. To
get the numbers we need to really send a powerful message to our elected
officials, we need to rally the masses. I hope you'll help us drive
people to the event--especially your
members/customers/constituents!--whether by informing them in your blog or
newsletter, or by forwarding this note, the event's website ( and attached info widely.

Volunteers Needed!
Please e-mail if you are interested in
volunteering on April 14. More info about volunteering below.

The Details:
Sea of People Rally
for Step It Up 2007 National Day of Climate Action (
Saturday, April 14th
Battery Park (4/5 to Bowling Green; R/W to Whitehall St.; 1 to South Ferry)
Free and open to the public

Volunteer Groups:
1- Arriving at 11am - 90 people to manage the participants as they form
the "sea of people"
2- Arriving at 9am - 80 people to assist with various tasks during the
rally (passing out banners, instructions, face-painting, etc.)
3- Arriving at 7am - 30 to help set up the park and banners on the "sea of
people" water-line
4- This isn't really a group, but we need as many of you as possible that
can stay at the end to help clean up… and we'll be doing some celebratin'

Please e-mail Volunteers@ if you are interested in
volunteering on April 14 with which group you'd like to be in. Also,
please note that all volunteers will need to attend a 2-hour training
session/orientation at Battery Park.

3 sessions available:
Sat. April 7, 10am-12pm
Sat. April 7, 2pm-4pm
Thurs. April 12, 6-8pm.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me
here, or write to all the organizers at: Thanks so
much for taking the time. We hope (and anticipate) that this will be a
truly landmark day in the history of our nation's climate change

All best!
Sung Bin and the Sea of People Organizers

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Keep up the good work.