Thursday, March 15, 2007

You've got Mail

Here is an actual Email I received today. I sometimes get 20-30 of these puppies a week:

The following message was sent from by (name withheld):
Hi, I am writing on behalf of West End Day School, a not-for-profit special needs school located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We are having our annual fundraising auction on May 3, and would greatly appreciate a donation from Our Name is Mud (which quite a few of our families are fans!). Over 200 families attend the auction, and it would be a prime opportunity to reach all these families with information on your restaurant, as well as to generate goodwill among them.
I'd like to suggest a gift certificate for $50, but of course, anything you'd be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated.

Hello parent from West End Day School that is such a fan,
Thanks for writing the Our Name Is Mud restaurant. We don't often get mail--unless it's from the Health Department. I had to go ask the Manager about your request--interupted her doing belly shots on the bar to see if shooting you a gc for $50 in order to generate some good will was cool with her. After Ted, whose a regular here at the Our Name is Mud restaurant, was done sucking the tequilla out of her belly button, he suggested we forward your request to the Our Name Is Mud Dry Cleaners--which is also in the neighborhood. I have done so.
All the best,

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