Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guest Post by my friend Peedles

Since this is usually LV's forum, I thought I should use my "special guest blogger" status to tell everyone a few things about LV that they might not for instance....

** I recently remembered (sometimes it happens that way) that LV and I used to be in a band called "The Stupid Napkin People". We never performed publicly - mostly due to long-distance chatroom practices which involved little music but lots wine. Im certain music somewhere was played at the same time and I am equally certain that neither LV nor I had anything to do with it. I'd tell you where the name for the band came from but that would require trying to revive braincells long gone but Im sure it was hilarious at the time. Heck, take my word for it ...its STILL hilarious subconsiously. Hey ..we had "fly boys"...or perhaps there were real flies involved...face it '98 and '99 were a blur (kinda like last Tuesday). Scarily... SNP posters still exist and occasionally you can find them on EBay.

** LV was the first person ever to call me Peedles. Ive never asked why. When someone you love and respect gives you a nickname, you just gratefully accept it with pride. (Though Frank Zappa's kids, Dweezil and Moon Unit, should have been exempt from that rule.) I feel a need to point out that LV is also the ONLY person that calls me Peedles. (Wouldn't a great kids book be "Peedles walks the Poodles through the Puddles? Quick...someone call Doubleday!)

** For awhile...everytime LV wanted to get out of hanging out with her Mudchick friends and perhaps run the risk of partying too much,....she got pregnant! that only happened twice but its not like the MCs get together too often and pregnant girls are suppose to be the cool designated drivers but since LV doesnt drive...well you can see my point. She so dramatic!

** LV and I once planned to publish a racy pottery calendar (oxymoron?) featuring naked men with their fancy bits hidden by painted pottery. We were gonna call it "Piece of the Month." I think that was about the same time that those old English ladies did their naked calendar and LV didnt want to show them up. Theirs was purely for charity...ours was, as is everything we do, purely for our own entertainmment.

There are many other things I can tell you about LV but it will take careful coaxing to get the good stuff out of the mushy parts of my brain. Its kinda like cleaning the attic....dusty, smelly and have so many nice things here in the living room...does the stuff in the attic really matter?

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