Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paris Hilton Paints Pottery!

Dear Paris,

Just when I thought there was absolutely NOTHING redeemable about you--you go and do THIS!

I know that if I only had a couple of weeks before I had to serve time in the slammer, that I too would seek a creative outlet of some kind. Since I paint pottery for a living, I most likely would take up collage. Or sewing. Or glass blowing. Or maybe I would spend that precious time in a corner at Chippendales with a bottle of pinot and a sketchpad.

The Paint Your Own Pottery Industry is probably all a-buzz with the release of this photo. As I type, some studio owner in Kansas is running to Kinkos and having brochures made that say "Painting Pottery is HOT!" I'm sure they appreciate the fact that you have made painting pottery "cool" again.

My gosh, I hope they have crafts where Lindsay is.


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