Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It is my pleasure to announce that OUR NAME IS MUD was acquired by ENESCO last week. ENESCO is a great company with many well known brands and World Wide Distribution capabilities. They also have a kick ass lobby with WHITE LEATHER COUCHES and ORCHIDS. It is like I have died and gone to Giftware Heaven. And hey: God looks like Jim Shore on QVC.

Kip & I will be continuing with ONIM and steering it on it's course to World Wide Domination. One Mug at a Time. The only difference is that now we have paying jobs. Please alert the staff at PayLess Shoes that I'm a'coming.

I am excited for all the opportunities this acquisition offers. I believe under ENESCO's bright green umbrella that I will be able to explore different mediums--to grow and stretch the ONIM brand in many different ways; and to put GOOD THINGS out into the world.

For the first time in a long time I am unfettered by the things that I blamed my lack of flight for. I am free to stretch and grow and soar: if I fail to own the sky I will have no one to blame but myself. I have always had wind beneath my wings in the form of many wonderful, fabulous people-- now I have an engine; A Turbo Powered Super Speed Big Ass Engine.


Peedles said...

LV & Kip:
Congrats on your MAJOR accomplishment! Wish I had some money in Enesco as Im sure their stock will go through the roof now!
Even more than ever now, I feel so privileged to know you!

Rock on you goddess (and god) of the handpainted stuff that dominates the world!

Chris said...

I apologize if this isn't an appropriate forum for this question. Recently, I broke my girlfriend's favorite mug-- a white Our Name Is Mud mug, with the word "Goddess" set against a horizontal purple oval. The mug also has a cross headed with a spiral-- that is the feature that made this mug so special to her. Coincidentally, it is the same design as a tattoo she got to commemorate the untimely death of her closest cousin. Does any one know where I can find a replacement? I haven't found one online. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Best wishes.