Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Off into the Funset

I leave tomorrow to go to Ft. Lauderdale and film an episode of DESIGNING SPACES for The Learning Channel. I'll be appearing on an episode as AN EXPERT ON GIFTS FOR NEW PARENTS which is funny because I am usually the one handing an unwrapped gift card and an apology to a friend when the child is about two years old.

I did all the things I hate in preparation for this appearance: like SHAVE MY LEGS AND PLUCK MY EYEBROWS. Well, actually i shaved my eyebrows because it's a lot quicker and a heckuva lot less painful. The downside is that hair then grows all over your eyelids--but that's a small price to pay to avoid the tweezers.

I also got a fancy Spray On Tan in a booth which took me right back to the days of my childhood-- standing in the backyard with my arms straight out at either side while my mother sprayed me with bug spray. No matter how tight as I locked up my lips I would still taste that stuff in my mouth for hours afterwards. I'd like to say that Spray On Tan tastes a little bit like chicken...but it doesn't.

I also stopped at a trendy little boutique store to possibly buy something that I did not need. As I stood over a display of leggings--wondering if there was anyway I could possibly pull off a pair of footless tights--the 20 something sales clerk strolled right up to me and announced in a voice filled with Excitement Just For Me : WE JUST GOT READING GLASSES IN!


Tash said...

I'm so excited for you, your eyebrows and your legs! Seriously you have to let everyone know when it will air because I'm SO watching...and I want to let others know too...good luck, have fun! And I'm so glad you mentioned footless tights...I saw some chick wearing them the other day and wondered if I could be so bold but not sure I could pull off spiky, red high heels and footless

Sheree said...

Hey Mud Chick,

I just spent the last four months hovering over a space heater, dressed like a homeless pottery painter. While the thought of going to Florida makes me smile - the thought of sun on my face is just too wonderful - the thought of actually putting on a bathing suit, spray tan or no, makes me feel sick. I could spray, shave, pluck or wax any number of regions & none of it would make my thighs look any better. Wait! footless tights! There may be hope.

You'll tell us when it airs so that we can watch you get wicked famous? XO