Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great MuD August Giveaway!

Lest this turn into JUST an Alcoholic Mommy blog, I thought I would share some of my recent work for OUR NAME IS MUD with you all and give you a chance to win FABULOUS PRIZES. Because I. Heart. Comments. Just last night I think I whispered into Sexyhusbandomine's ear to "fill in the word verification,baby"

Anyhoo- here are some wine bags I designed that will be available in October. There are a whole series of them-but these would be my favorites to bring to a party...if I ever actually made it to a party with a full bottle left.

Here is an homage to Father Time for your desk. It's also part of a snarky clock series that will be available in October. Can't your home use more snark?

These are some of my mouse pads, reflecting my respect for my better half, hatred of technology, and fantastic work ethic. I await my Employee of the Mouth award.

And now: THE CONTEST! (insert confetti graphic here-because I certainly have no idea how to do that) The winner of this contest will receive this watch from my brand new series of snarky wearable timepieces. The band is GENUINE LEATHER but the materials around the face may vary slightly and be rather swatch-ish. I know it's no Wii fit, but it's the best I can do.

In the comment field below, finish this sentence:
IF I MADE A MOUSE PAD, IT WOULD SAY____________________________________________

Winner will be picked by random (numbers out of a hat) on Wednesday August 6th. ALL BLOGGERS who put a link on their blog to this contest and send it to me will receive an Our NaMe Is MuD mug of their choice from our website at


Miss Thystle said...

oooh FIRSTIEST! (LOL. I don't know why that's so exciting to me, but it totally is)

If I made a mousepad it would say
"oh...yeah...scoll ALL OVER ME, baby"

or something witty. Either way.

Miss Thystle said...

and by "scoll" I clearly meant "SCROLL".

Damn it. All my wittiness RUINED by a typo. I guess I should have paid attention in college after all!

katie said...

If I made a mousepad, it would say
"It's 5:00 somewhere" and then superimpose that over a gorgeous picture of a cosmo with pretty garnish and a beach scene too maybe, why not. Or a martini dry with olives.

katie said...

Another mousepad I would make would have a hangman drawing with 4 blanks:
B blank S S.

quitecontrary1977 said...

if i made a mouse pad it would say : the mouse likes cheese and have a drawing of a cheese wedge on it

holly said...

'Place mouse here'

Sheila said...

Ooh, I love contests!! This is what my mouse pad would say:
half empty or half full...who cares
as long as it's wine
(with a wine glass in the middle of the pad)

This is fun!
Sheila (a Chick from Dallas)

Deb@Bird On A Wire said...

Mine would certainly say I'm not a bitch, I'm THE BITCH. (and that would be Ms Bitch to you)

But then again a Bitch by definition is Being In Total Control of Him.

golly goodness this could be fun.

Bj in Dallas said...

I just named todays blog
Is Zanax spelled with a Z or an X and I think I will put that in the hopper for my mousepad/chance to win the watch/at least get a mug/ singalong
(I put you on my blog today)
see Lorrie? my chicks are showing up! (hey Sheila)
where are you other Ladeeezz??
Come and play

Downbeat said...

If I made a mouse pad, it would say, "My other mouse gets fed to our pet boa constrictor. constrictor."

I don't even have a boa constrictor. But still...

soulmoxie said...

If I made a mousepad it would say

"Tis Herself"

Short, sweet, perfect.

I'll link to your contest doll because you are fantastic and the world needs to know, or, er the few people that read my blog need to know.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

If I made a mousepad, it would say:


Anonymous said...

You chose THIS?

That was fun.

JenX67 said...

I hope God protects me from myself.

Heather said...

Macs rule, PCs drool.

kwr221 said...

Mine would say...
"Must. Keep. Clicking."

I would sooooooo love a mug, I'll go link you for sure! :-)

kwr221 said...

Oh, and the watch rocks, too1 :-)

JenX67 said...

I just had to come back and say - that line about another alcoholic mommy blog was very, very funny. Thanks for the comment about The Shack. After they found the dress, I had to put the book down for a week. I'm back into it. I'll be back to share some final thoughts.

katie said...

another of my mousepads: if i made a mousepad it would be of Mighty Mouse. And shaped like him too.

katie said...

and another mousepad: it would ask "Which came first - the mouse or the cheese?" and have a cute little pix of both.

~*~Jenni~*~ said...

Hmmm... good contest.

If I had a mouse pad, it would say
"I'm the only one around here who really knows what's going on."

I'm going over to my own blog now to link you up.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Mine's not original, but I have a mug that my brother gave me for Christmas years ago that says, "I'm working much harder than it looks like I am." I love it! I think that would be fun on a mousepad.

I linked to you... and I would love a mug! I'll email you my address.

Thanks so much!

ThreadBeaur said...

My mouse pad would say!
"Nevermind the rioting squirrels!"

that watch is fun!
I am putting a link on my blog!

Allison said...

"Do you have to adjust my position as often as you adjust your bra?"

Allison said...

Oh--and linking on my blog!

Miss Thystle said...

Touche re:Gayle comment. Way to use my beloved against me. I think we can be BFF's now.

EC said...

First of all - I MUST have that watch!! My friends and family make fun of me ALL.THE.TIME. for saying Whatever.

Seriously, that word comes out of my mouth probably 100 times a day easily, lol

Second - IF I MADE A MOUSE PAD, IT WOULD SAY: No actual mice were harmed in the making of this pad.

I don't know, I'm not creative like that ;)

And I'm so going to link you right now!!!

EC said...

Crapola, I forgot to use my blog address rather than my blogger ID that leads to nowwhere :)

I'm EC and I reside at:

(click name)


Amy said...


"Why is your wrist so sweaty?"

Really enjoying your blog. :)

Racie Lover said...

That watch is extremely cool. Keep your eye on it lest someone use their "five-fingered discount" and it goes missing.

If I made a mouse pad it would say"
"Does this Mouse Pad make me look fat?"

Lucy said...

I like your blog!
my mouse pad would say-
Mammas Mouse House

Toystory said...

You can never be too rich or too pretty. So give up already.

Jen said...

If I made a mouse pad, it would say, "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop." It's a favorite Oscar Wilde quote of mine.

I'm also linking to your contest on my blog now! For some reason though, blogger won't let me post this with openID and my site. so it's

Kari said...

I love all the other suggestions, lol. I seriously can't think of anything cute or witty. I have my kids on my mousepad now :)

I love those bookmarks!!

ababe28 said...

If I made a mousepad it would say:
"Serious Surfers use Moose Pads"
It would have a picture of a Moose instead of a Mouse.

Mona Kornberg said...

Well I guess if I were making a mousepad it would say:

Do you like my setup?

and show an image of an actual computer workstation said...

if i made a mousepad it would say, "please let me know if you are coming over to my desk so that i may minimize my blogs and pull up that work you gave me."

speaking of blogs, i posted this on my blog.

zakary said...

I just wanted to say hi and that I posted this on my blog.

If I made a mousepad, it would say...

"I used to be clever, now I have kids."

Love the new wine bags!


Tash said...

It would read:

Right click to self-destruct.

Rick said...

It would say...

"Just a little lower on the left please."

Or have a handicap parking sign on it, and say, "Parking for the technically challenged."

Or have a close up on a face with a nose that has a fly on it, and say... "Would you get that for me."

Any of those get you?

Lorrie Veasey said...

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! I seriously fear for my job security because themajority of you could quit your day jobs now and become product designers.

Anyway: i will do an actual post WITH VIDEO of the drawing but in case you are checking here, the winners are:

1st prize- soul moxie
2nd prize- Rick
3rd prize- Jenx67

I have tried to contact those of you who were kind enough to put links to the contest on your blogs to arrange to get you your mugs from If we haven't been in contact, please email me.

Look for the next give away in two weeks. Thanks again for playing!