Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'll leave Tweety Bird on My Left Butt Cheek

Last image of me getting ready to go to Atlanta to meet and greet, dine with the big whigs and basically bang my gong and sell my candies:

Last night I covered my self in temporary tatoos. Not just any temporary tattoos; but OUR NAME IS MUD tattoos we had specially made back in the day where we thought we were ALL THAT. The tattoos are black and have our logo and a handprint and I put them various places on my body for a hoot while I tried on 57 outfits looking for one that would make my butt look smaller.

I was under the impression that baby oil would remove these suckers fairly easily but apparently our temporary tats are of the INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH variety.

The problem with scrubbing myself raw with the cosmetic version of steel wool called BUFF PUFF, was that I had applied the tats over my new spray tan..which I got because it actually does help make your butt look smaller.

So if you come by Atlanta's Gift Mart today or tomorrow, I will be female Michael Jackson impersonator. So purdy.


bj in texas said...

Had to comment on the photo attached to this message


Can you hear the conversation?
"Honey, are you coming home this weekend?"
"Yes, Mom, but I gotta tell you something. I got a tatoo...."


Miss Thystle said...

Tan fat IS way better looking than glowing white fat, isn't it?