Sunday, September 28, 2008

On The Road Again

We've spent the last two days driving up to Vermont.

The drive has gone something like this:

oooo pretty leaves
ooooo pretty leaves
oooo pretty leaves


Spatula said...

Did you see any leaves?

Blue said...

ahh, the fall foliage! Being former residents of Vermont, you've captured the only thing I miss from my years in captivity there ;-) It's about now that I reminisce about the idyll that is autumn in New England. Thanks for sating my need for those colors. I've seen that view before.

Bj in Dallas said...

I want to hear how CB & TB did after the 50,000th leaf....

JenX67 said...

Wow - I was in Vermont about 15 years ago. It really does look like that picture.

Le @ Third on the Right said...

so the leaves were ok ... over here autumn leaves are such a rarity they run tours thru parks in the highlands to see them .. tours for goodness sakes - people pay to go on a leaf tour ... please .... travel safe le

Jennifer said...

Yeah. That's pretty much all you can do in Vermont. Leaf peep.

That one tree is so looks like it's on fire! Great picture Lorrie.

TJ said...

Wow, that's beautiful.

zakary said...

LOL! Spatula beat me to the punch!

Hope you are having a good time.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Sexyhusbandomine read your comment on his blackberry and said "Did you know that cute flight attendant was in PRISON?" and I was like: "What do you mean?" And he was like: "She refers to time served in a Vermont Prison." And while I knew it totally interferred with his fantasy of you, Farrah and Jaqueline Smith being chained up together, I pointed out that his literal interpretation of your comment was O SO WRONG.

Blue said...

SexyhusbondOyours was wrong on so many levels. While in Vermont I was chained up with a hairy-pitted, anti-body wash, Y2K ready butch woman who cleaned her teeth with an icepick.

But we had one of the breathtaking fall foliage. Some years were far superior to others. Looks like this might be one of them. I'm glad you got a peek at it. ♥

Poetikat said...

This sounds like my husband's and my journeys up north to Muskoka, Ontario to visit his parents. We love cows, horse and DOGS. We once counted the number of dogs we saw (for 4 hours) until we reached the cottage.
We do the "pretty leaves" routine at this time of year too.

I like your writing. I need a good laugh these days.


Trish said...

I love autumn folliage and leaf colours.Beautiful.
Very creative post.